Azure Davis always dreamed of having children, but her journey to motherhood turned out to be longer, more expensive, and more isolating than she ever imagined. Two years ago, in her 30s and leading an active lifestyle, she started trying to conceive. Unfortunately, she experienced a miscarriage after getting pregnant a year later. This led her to seek the help of a fertility specialist who suggested trying Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) as a less costly and less invasive option compared to In Vitro Fertilization (IVF).

During the IUI process, Davis underwent three rounds, all while focusing on maintaining a healthy lifestyle as advised by doctors. Lifestyle factors such as diet, stress management, and overall health play a crucial role in fertility. Despite her efforts, the IUI attempts were unsuccessful, prompting Davis to consider IVF. The IVF journey proved to be overwhelming, with numerous procedures, medications, and a significant financial burden of $40,000 per round, none of which was covered by insurance.

While lawmakers pushed for insurance coverage for fertility treatments at the state capitol, the efforts did not succeed, leaving individuals like Davis to bear the costs independently. She even sought treatment at a more affordable clinic out of state, adding travel expenses to her financial burden. After finally getting pregnant through IVF, Davis faced another devastating setback when she experienced a pregnancy loss.

The emotional toll of infertility, coupled with the financial strain and lack of definitive answers, made Davis’ journey particularly challenging. Despite the difficulties, she highlights the importance of sharing these experiences openly to raise awareness about infertility, a condition that affects approximately one in six people globally according to the World Health Organization.

As Davis continues her quest to expand her family, she urges others not to delay parenthood and to actively seek information and support. Reflecting on her own journey, she wishes she had been more proactive in her 30s. While the road ahead may be uncertain, Davis remains resilient in her pursuit of motherhood, determined not to give up on her dream of building a family.