The Solar Charging Can has a self-contained solar power hub inside it that can be set up in about half an hour for events, off-grid situations, or emergency power.

While the residential and commercial solar market is relatively saturated with choices, and the micro solar market is chock full of options for charging portable electronics, the space between the two seems like the sweet spot to be for companies looking to provide solutions for portable power to groups and events. Mobile Solar Chargers Ltd, of the UK, is entering that market with its Solar Charging Can, which is a complete solar power station in a large steel drum that promises quick deployment and the ability to customize it for specific needs.

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The basic Solar Charging Can includes a 180W/18v 5.5A waterproof and flexible solar panel, a telescoping pole for mounting the panel, two 115 Ah deep cycle lead acid batteries, a voltage regulator and charge controller, a full wiring loom with waterproof connectors and 12V quick release dual battery leads, LED lights, a removable box with control panel and USB and 12V charging ports, and more. It also includes an anchor for securing the can to the ground, and sand bags for additional stability. Buyers can also request other components, such as lithium polymer battery banks, a remote CCTV camera, a WiFi router, additional solar panels, LED flood lighting, a GPS tracker, and a more powerful inverter.

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According to the company, the Solar Charging Can is able to be assembled or disassembled by two people in half an hour:

This solar power hub can be made to order for specific needs, such as providing electricity for events, for remote power for medical clinics or conservation efforts, refugee camps, emergency/disaster relief or preparedness, or even just for an upscale camping experience. Prices on the units start at £1,795.00 (~$2,235), and each one comes with a one year warranty. More details can be found at Solar Charging Can.

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