In the rapidly evolving world of technology, finding reliable and cost-effective GPU rental services is crucial for many businesses and individual projects. As someone deeply involved in AI projects, I recently encountered while searching for GPU-equipped servers. Unfortunately, my experience with this company has been nothing short of a nightmare. This review aims to shed light on the numerous issues I faced, hoping to warn others about the pitfalls of dealing with

Misleading Pricing Practices

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One of the most egregious issues with is their deceptive pricing strategy. While browsing their offerings, I found the Basic GPU – K80 server listed at an attractive price of $87. However, this price turned out to be a mirage. It was only applicable if one committed to a 24-month plan. This critical detail was buried in the fine print, making it easy for unsuspecting customers to miss. When I inquired about the monthly rate for the same server, the price skyrocketed, as they added a staggering 30% markup to the originally advertised price.

This bait-and-switch tactic is not just unethical but borders on fraudulent. It is designed to lure customers with a seemingly low price, only to shock them with significantly higher rates once they show genuine interest. Such practices erode trust and highlight a blatant disregard for transparency and customer welfare.

Unprofessional and Disrespectful Customer Service

If the misleading pricing was not bad enough, the customer service at is utterly deplorable. My interaction with their live support team was a series of frustrations and insults. When I reached out for clarification and requested a discount on the Basic GPU – K80 server, I was met with a bizarre response. Initially, the support agent claimed they could offer a 30% discount on the listed price. However, this promise quickly unraveled into a convoluted mess.

The agent manipulated the pricing structure, converting the 24-month rate into a monthly rate and then inflating it by 40%. After this adjustment, they offered a 30% discount on the inflated price. This convoluted pricing strategy is not only confusing but feels like a deliberate attempt to deceive customers. The final price I was quoted was far higher than what was initially advertised, even after the so-called discount. This experience felt like an elaborate scam, designed to mislead and overcharge customers.

Rude and Intolerant Support Staff

Adding to the frustration, the support staff at are not only unprofessional but also incredibly rude and intolerant. During my interaction, the support agent displayed a shocking lack of patience and courtesy. When I pointed out the discrepancies and questioned their pricing tactics, the agent’s tone became increasingly condescending. They interrupted me multiple times and seemed more interested in shutting down my concerns than addressing them. It was evident that they found my confusion amusing, and their responses were laced with sarcasm. Being treated with such disdain, especially as a potential customer, is unacceptable. It reflects a company culture that lacks basic respect for its clientele.

A Warning to Potential Customers

In summary, my experience with has been overwhelmingly negative. The company’s deceptive pricing practices, unprofessional and rude customer service, and blatant disrespect for customers are major red flags. It is clear that prioritizes short-term gains over building long-term customer relationships. Their business model relies on misleading information and exploiting customer trust, which is unsustainable in the long run.

For anyone considering for their GPU rental needs, I strongly advise looking elsewhere. There are numerous other providers in the market who offer transparent pricing, professional customer service, and respect for their customers. Do not fall victim to the bait-and-switch tactics employed by Save yourself the frustration and potential financial loss by steering clear of this company.


In the competitive world of GPU rentals, transparency and customer service are paramount. Companies that fail to uphold these values do not deserve your business. My experience with serves as a cautionary tale. They have proven to be untrustworthy, disrespectful, and deceitful. Spread the word and protect others from falling into the same trap. Together, we can hold companies accountable for their practices and demand better standards in the industry.