The International Tennis Integrity Agency recently announced the suspension of professional tennis player Jasmina Tinjić for a period of six years due to alleged match-fixing. Tinjić has admitted to committing 23 violations of the Tennis Anti-Corruption Program, which include manipulating match outcomes, participating in wagering activities, receiving payment in exchange for not giving her best efforts during matches, and failing to report corrupt approaches.

During 2017 and 2018, Tinjić was involved in activities deemed as “corrupt” by the ITIA, and she did not contest these charges. The International Betting Integrity Association raised concerns about Tinjić’s behavior in January 2018 while she was competing in a tournament, prompting an investigation into her actions. Swedish authorities looked into several tennis matches in which Tinjić was involved, noting suspicious betting patterns. The investigation ultimately led to criminal charges being filed against Tinjić for accepting a bribe of 12,000 SEK (approximately $1,160).

It was discovered that matches in multiple countries were fixed, and evidence of a bank transfer was found. The ITIA redacted details regarding the individual responsible for the transfer and other specifics related to the alleged match-fixing incidents. Additionally, Tinjić was accused of failing to cooperate with the investigation and tampering with evidence.

The agency acknowledged that Tinjić was experiencing significant stress, anxiety, and depression at the time of the incidents, attributing her vulnerability to her emotional state and financial struggles. Tinjić expressed regret and remorse for her actions, acknowledging that she allowed herself to be unduly influenced due to her circumstances.

Prior to this suspension, Tinjić had already been banned from competing in Sweden for 4.5 years following a separate match-fixing inquiry. The six-year ban imposed by the ITIA has been retroactively dated to align with the start of the Swedish ban, meaning Tinjić will be eligible to return to professional tennis on May 17, 2028.

Throughout her career, Tinjić achieved success on the ITF women’s tour, securing four singles titles and 12 doubles titles. Despite her accomplishments on the court, her involvement in match-fixing has tarnished her reputation and resulted in significant consequences for her future in the sport.

The International Tennis Integrity Agency’s decision to suspend Tinjić serves as a reminder of the ongoing efforts to maintain the integrity of professional tennis and combat corruption within the sport. It underscores the importance of upholding ethical standards and holding players accountable for their actions to preserve the credibility and fairness of competitive tennis.