Gigi Hadid wrote a short and good: ‘Yes!’

the Supermodel was impressed.

her Friend and colleague Caroline Wozniacki used the a few words more: ‘that six pack!!’, wrote the dane.

Many other did the same: Expressed their admiration and benovelse of the superstar Serena Williams’ physique in a video she posted on Instagram.

It originates from a yacht where she is spending time with sister Venus. Wearing only bikini, which reveals a very well-trained stomach.

It is two years ago, she gave birth to her daughter, Olympia. The internet is filled with well-trained women who proudly displays their flat stomachs until a short time after the births.

the Truth is, however, that it is far from easy to get a well-trained stomach after a birth. So to see Serena with muscles stiff under the abdominal wall is impressive.

Since then, she has long since made a comeback and reached four Grand Slam finals – without winning.

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the Yacht got time?

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In a recent interview with Bon Appetit tells the little sister Williams in the way about his / her habits in the kitchen.

Everyone loves my sprødstegte chicken in garlic. A transition, it was my turkey tacos. Now it’s vegan sushi. I just love to cook, and she says to the magazine.

She adds that the fridge is crammed with coconut milk, vegetables in droves, wheatgrass, and mint and ginger.

One obtains not a physics as her only by eating healthy.

Fitness Magazine have a legend told about his training methods, after she resumed the career.

– First, I ran. Then I started to ride a bike. So, I used a crosstrainer. It went not so good, because it was so boring. So, I tried yoga. Now I run in ten minutes, and then the dancer I am, she says.

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I ain’t got a Yacht type

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