When Mickey Rodrigues was discharged from the hospital after having been in danger, he had no home to go to.

His dwelling place had simply thrown him out.

– I am a victim by being the victim. I have been kicked out of the board, because I was stabbed, tells the 23-year-old Mickey Rodrigues, who was in ‘the X Factor’ in 2013, where he stood with his ADHD diagnosis.

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Mickey Rodrigues was found lifeless with the knife 10. december at 08.04 on her home Østre Gasværk theater, at Carl Nielsens Allé in Copenhagen’s Østerbro, where he lived at the time.

He was in mortal danger and was admitted to Rigshospitalet, where he was stabilized. He had been attacked and stabbed in the heart and the lung.

Mickey Rodrigues can’t even remember how he exactly was stabbed.

He knows, he had had some acquaintances on a visit. They had a cozy and festive evening. The next thing he can remember is that he wakes up at the national hospital.

on Top of that his life hung by a thread after a stabbing, he had no longer a home, when he was discharged 13. december.

Mickey Rodrigues had also stolen several possessions in connection with the attack. Private

‘I can confirm that we have terminated the agreement with the Municipality of Copenhagen on the concerned resident’, writes the Eastern Gasværks chairman of the board, Henrik Vagner, in an email to Ekstra Bladet.

the Board of directors has chosen to throw him out of consideration for the other residents on the farm) with the idea that their task is to create a safe environment and a stable life for the residents.

But it would be a shame to say that they also create a safe environment for the now-former resident Mickey Rodrigues.

‘it Is not very inappropriate for the terminated resident?’

‘I can tell you that it has in no way been an easy decision to say goodbye to that resident, and that we have considered it right thoroughly. But as I write, there is a very large respect for the other residents, and their safety, security and well-being’, writes the chairman of the board.

When the police found Mickey Rodrigues, he was in critical condition. He was stabilised at the university hospital. Photo: Kenneth Meyer

Mickey Rodrigues is himself very disappointed at the decision, although he previously had discussions with the farm):

– It is a wrong decision. It is neglect. I’ve almost lost my life, and so I have also lost my home. There is smoke all respect.

the city of Copenhagen has just directed another property to the former X-Factor participant.

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Such as Mickey in addition, since he in 2013 was in the X Factor. Photo: DR

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