What makes the happy couple, who year after year still love each other? Have they just been lucky, or can they be something special, as we other can learn something from?

Yes, they can, in fact, tells parterapeuter, which including previews for the happy couple’s secrets.

You have said you love her, and you’ve looked him in the eyes this week – but have you really clocked check – in day?

Even on busy, stressful days to ensure the happy couple to seek cohesion, if only for a few minutes.

It may be the dense, hot stuff, or that you just listen carefully, and present when your boyfriend is loader of. Loving words and praise also works.

– Emotional cohesion is the glue in a relationship. Over time builds these small exchanges a sense of trust and intimacy, which keeps these couples together and happy, explains therapist Jennifer Marsh.

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The Danish therapist Frej Prahl tells how ten minutes of this conversation every day is worth its weight in gold in any relationship.

– Set a timer of five minutes. Now the first one’s turn to tell how the day has been. In all of five minutes.

– the Listener’s task is pretty simple: To listen. No comments. Nothing other than the presence of god. It is not certain that the speaker can fill up all five minutes out, but then there is just silence, until the clock rings. Then switch I.

– the Listener should not ask clarifying questions or similar. The only thing that is expected is that there will be listened. Without any objections or the like.

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Even in the gentlest, most loving and konfliktfrie circumstances enter each other’s toes and insult each other, consciously and unconsciously.

Anyway is ‘sorry’ a difficult word to take in his mouth, believes psychologist Ryan Howes.

– It requires maturity and humility to acknowledge its role in the girlfriend’s pain, while it is essential for the long-term relationship.

And it is not enough to say ‘sorry, I’m sorry that you are upset about it.’ A good apology expresses empathy, takes responsibility for own mistakes and show that you are trying to change the behavior going forward.

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If a genuine apology is alpha, so is it to be able to forgive and not hold grudges omega in the great parforholdsligning.

The small or large aggrieved you feel, when the boyfriend has fucket up, can pester your relationship with anger and bitterness, if you don’t release it.

in other words, do not heave all of your boyfriend’s earlier misdeeds out of the drawer, when In discussing.

– The healthy couples give expression to what they feel when they are hurt, they do what they can for that not to happen again, they accept the apology, and so, they are working hard on letting go and living in the moment, explains psychologist Janet Brito.

The daily ‘I love you’ sms, a small statement, where you tell how happy you are that your gf took the dishes yesterday/gave you a proper rusketur:

The happy couple shows that they are thinking of each other. And just a ‘I think of you’-the sms can be hot, believe therapist Juan Olmo.

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At the happy couple, there is room for all conversations, both the superficial about what happened today, the fun loving banter, and the deep, existential conversation and the hard-on problems in and outside of the relationship.

Especially the difficult, contentious conversations are necessary to take. And are they hopefully solved the problems, or at least illuminated them, on the one hand, provide further cohesion.

the Pair, who are together, those awkward conversations, where they share hard feelings. When they feel that their expressed concerns can be seen and heard, strengthened their bond, and they become more resistant, says Chappel Marsh.

In this context, making also an effort to see things from my boyfriends perspective, like a discussion should not be about winning, but about finding an understanding and a common solution.

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