Update: The 54-year-old woman is at the hearing have been released. However, she is still the objective in the case. It writes the east Jutland Police on Twitter.

If the police suspected holding water, is the 54-year-old afghan woman, since at 15 on Monday has been sitting in a closed grundlovsforhør in Aarhus on a charge of bl.a. neglect is the children’s grandmother.

During the police press conference today, said inspector Michael Kjeldgaard during the reading of the charge, that the woman is charged with neglect of a related child in the ascending line. In addition, she is charged with having left the children in the helpless state.

the Penalty for the two charges are respectively two years and eight years in prison.

Neither the arrested woman or the other two detainees in the case, a 33-year-old suspected afghan man and a 25-year-old female compatriot, had wanted to speak with the police.

the Pair were detained late on Sunday evening in the south west of jutland Ølgod after a tip to the east Jutland Police, who can detain them for up to 72 hours on a suspected illegal entry. It is an administrative detention, which is different from being arrested.

– We do not have a secure identification on them, said Michael Kjeldgaard.

Neither do the two hittebørns identities are known yet. Children staying until further on a spædbarnehjem in Aarhus and have it well lit socialdirektør Erik Kaastrup-Hansen at today’s press conference.

– They get a caring care, he said.

inspector, Inspector Michael Kjeldgaard confirms to Ekstra Bladet that the police use dna samples in an attempt to determine both the adults and the two children’s identity and inter-beslægtelse.

– We check the fingerprints and other identification methods – including dna profile, he says.

112 – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 13:17 Dna testing can provide rapid answers about the two hittebørn in Aarhus