the Case of the missing Tinka-christmas hats creates the chagrin of TV2, which tells that the demand quite simply have been greater than expected.

It happens, after many parents have sought in vain to obtain a hue for their children.

In a large promotion invited car giant Ford namely children, who have bought the Tinkas advent calendar, to go in the local store and get a nissehue similar to that Tinka has on the in advance ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’, which right now runs across the screen on TV2.

to get a Tinka-hue, the children had to either have colored a piece of paper that comes with TV2’s lågekalender, or should they have been lucky to have scored a hat-card in a package with Tinka cards, which are currently being handed out in Kvickly, superbrugsen now or Dagli’Brugsen, when you buy goods for more than 100 crowns.

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Several parents, however, had to go disappointed and empty-handed home with their children on Sunday because they are more Ford dealers had run out of huerne, and it will now get TV2 on the track.

– the Demand for lågekalenderen, christmas hats and trading cards, has been greater than expected. Therefore, despite a significant increase in the production of, among other things caps – come in the situation that a lot of children and parents have had to go in vain after the christmas hats, which Ford has handed, so long as the warehouse handed, for children with a colorized drawing from lågekalenderen or a huekort, says Head of Branded Content at TV2, Jacob Fischer-Nielsen for

‘Tinka and Kongespillet’ is a hit among the country’s young people. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

in Order to meet the demand had TV2 and Ford is otherwise selected to be produced over twice as many christmas hats as two years ago.

– It annoyed us, of course, and we know that it also riles at Ford, which has done a lot of work to distribute the remaining hats to the places where demand has been greatest, continues Jacob Fischer-Nielsen.

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Several parents, however, had to go disappointed and empty-handed home with their children on Sunday because they are more Ford dealers had run out of huerne.

– I was quite upset inside.

– It should have been on the head, and so I should have shown it to my friends, but then it was just sold out, it sounded in the context from the six-year-old Vilas Fauerfelt to Ekstra Bladet.

Silas Faurfelt. Private

Numerous danes went in the same occasion to the keys on Ford’s Facebook profile, where they expressed their dissatisfaction with Ford.

‘In this sweet christmas time, where all the children are looking forward to christmas and brings together Tinka cards and waiting in excitement to find the special cards, which can trigger a nissehue, so it is really disappointing that when the card and then finally coming in one of the packages, and driving to a dealer in order to read a sign in the window: All Tinka hats are handed out, so are the sweet christmas get just as destroyed, and you get a disappointed child’, wrote a furious woman, for example.

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below you can read Ford’s response on the matter.

press officer: Ford awards a free Tinka nissehue to 5,54 % of children in Denmark

Ekstra Bladet has asked for Ford to Denmark’s comments to the lack of christmas hats. Press officer Lene Dahlquist will only respond to mail. She writes:

‘of course, It is regrettable that our cooperation with TV2 on the Tinka and Kongespillet has resulted in some parents and children have been disappointed. It has never been the aim.’

‘Our desire is to create joy and synergy about the cooperation with TV2’s advent calendar. For us at Ford, it has been important to Tinkas nissehue was a free gift as all had equal opportunity to get. Not only the parents who were ready to pay for them – or, for example, reserved for Ford customers.’

‘the Ford still has more Tinka christmas hats, but it is really more of our Ford dealers has run out. I have knowledge of several other dealers who still have christmas hats. I know that our dealers help each other and send the christmas hats they have for other retailers, which is during the dry. In the last week, there was further sent an extra shipment to our dealers.’

‘overall, Ford at no time offer unlimited quantities of christmas hats. We have all of the communications made aware that there are christmas hats as long as supplies last.’

‘in return we have ordered many, many more christmas hats in the year. the Two and a half times more. In a total of 50,000.’

‘To the orientation informs the Statistics Denmark is that, in 2019 is 901.203 aged 2-15 years. With 50,000 christmas hats for free distribution over the whole country, the results in, Ford awards a free Tinka nissehue to 5,54 % of children in Denmark. In addition, there has been a wealth of cosy juleaktiviteter in the Ford’s dealers. Autograph sessions and selfies with Lasse and Tinka, julestuer with fritters or face painting m.fl. – all free of charge for all participants, turned up.’