Australia’s largest city is facing a ‘public health crisis’ as a result of the smoke from the bushbrande, which has stifled Sydney in several weeks.

this is the sound of the warning on Monday by leading doctors in the country, according to hospitals have reported a dramatic increase in the number of emergency room visits.

Hundreds of wildfires have ravaged Australia in several months, and during the night of Monday has a ‘gigantic flammehav’ north of Sydney destroyed several homes.

Community – 10. dec. 2019 – at. 08:00 Suffocating smoke and ‘apocalyptic conditions’ in these

More people in Sydney are starting to go with the masks, it cleans the air. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Stringer

at the same time threatening fires near Perth in the western part of the country to destroy more villages.

more Than 20 health organizations, including the Royal Australasian College of Physicians, representing more than 25,000 doctors and medical students, has on Monday published a statement.

it calls on the Australian government to declare a ‘public health crisis’ because of the toxic smoke from the fires.

– the air Pollution in New South Wales (the state where Sydney is located, ed.) is an acute public health problem, is in the declaration.

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– the Smoke from the bushbrandene have polluted the air, up to 11 times over the basic ‘dangerous’ level in parts of Sydney and New South Wales.

the ministry of Health in New South Wales reports that the authorities in the last week registered an increase of 48 percent in the number of people taking to the emergency room with respiratory problems, compared with the average for the past five years.

the Number of emergency room visits peaked on Tuesday, 10. december, where 80 percent as many as usually took at the hospital.

Community – 22. nov. 2019 – at. 04:32 New record: Therefore, being suffocated

the Next day, rallied over 20,000 people in central Sydney against the australian government’s lack of action against climate change.

In the opinion of the sundhedsorganisationerne urged the government to immediately take steps to reduce emissions of CO2.

If you do not want bushbrandene just get worse, and it will have ‘devastating consequences for our health’, says.

last week prime minister Scott Morrison in a rare concession, and acknowledged that climate change is one of the ‘factors’ behind the fires.

But at the same time, he defended Australia’s emissions of CO2 and failed to present additional measures to tackle the problem.

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