Uffe Elbæk will fight karrierepolitikere on the paper. But in fact he can sit safely back on the Folketings-stool for many years yet, after he on Monday announced that he is resigning from the post of political leader 1. February.

the Danish policy – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 12:34 Uffe Elbæk stop as the political leader of the Alternative

the Danish policy – 16. dec. 2019 – at. 15:03 Uffe Elbæk on storfavorit: no, no, No – yes, yes, yes

In the party’s statutes states that Alternativets mps maximum must be able to hold the post as an elected in 10 years.

But quite as black-and-white, it is not.

the rule applies to first from and with the general election 5. June, according to the articles of association adopted on landsmødet in april.

Furthermore, include the alternativisterne only the period of time a member has been sitting for the Alternative, says head of press Rune Langhoff to Ekstra Bladet. This is not apparent from the statute.

Although vedtægtsændringen was to protect the party against levebrødspolitikere, means the exemptions, therefore, that Uffe Elbæk may be seated as member of parliament for the Alternative forward to 2031, if he will – even if he has a past as minister of culture and member of Parliament for the Radical Left. Provided that all of the terms, time runs out.

This will Elbæk potentially could sit in the Parliament together in 20 years, since he was elected in 2011 for the radical.

And even though Uffe Elbæk soon as the are finished as a political leader, has the long-standing politician, at least provisionally going to be as a member of parliament.

– I am member of the Danish parliament, and I am glad that you ask. There is also someone who is already on Twitter have asked: ‘Hey, you leave Parliament?’ – No, no, no, no. So easy to drop In the not for me, said Uffe Elbæk to the press conference earlier Monday.

And the exceptions to the rules do not stop here.

In the staff regulations, concerning the principle of rotation is that the ten years do not apply Alternativets political leader.

When the rule was adopted at the party’s national convention in april, applied this exception, therefore, Uffe Elbæk, and it was he himself against.

the Danish policy – 27. apr. 2019 – at. 12:45 Introducing rotation: Throw the politicians out of the Parliament after 10 years… but not the Uffe

– I think it’s a pity, he said to Ekstra man by landsmødet in april.

– That I have been a rotationsprincip?

– No. I love the principle of rotation. I just think that it would also discourage me, said Uffe Elbæk.

If the Alternativets next political leader will be found among the four members of the party’s folketingsgruppe, means the exemption so that they can safely be seated on the stool for many years to come.

Uffe Elbæk was somewhat unclear, as he had to pick his heir in the party. Video: Philip Davali via Ritzau/Scanpix