A 49-year-old kræftramt mother, who is struggling with grief over his murdered teenage son has received two parkeringsbøder in a parking lot in front of a hospital, where she goes to the intensive cancer treatment.

Tania Morris from the town of Burslem in Stoke on Trent in England was horrified when she Tuesday of last week, after five hours at Royal Stoke University Hospital returned to his car and discovered a parking ticket on the 50 pounds, equivalent to approx. 450 million in the windshield.

The 49-year-old cancer patient had already scored a second p-fine last summer, while she was also up for cancer treatment at the hospital.

Tanias new p-fine print, just 16 months after she was assaulted by his ex-girlfriend, Robert Goodwin, in august 2018. Two months after beating Robert Goodwin her 19-year-old son to death with a hammer before he committed suicide.

It writes multiple media, including Stoke on Trent Live and Mirror

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The 19-year-old Nathan Morris was beaten to death with a hammer by his mother’s ex-boyfriend. (Photo: Private/Facebook)

– I was a little late and left my car on the ‘yellow lines’. I spent about five hours in the cancer center, where I got to know that my chemo-therapy did not work. When I subsequently got an eye on the p-fine, I had a desire to just give up. It broke my heart with all the adversity, says Tania Morris and adds:

– I’ve had enough of it all. My cancer made it impossible for me to mourn my killed son. My whole life is put on pause.

Tanias mother, 69-year-old Viv Morris, is now working hard to get cancelled the last p-fine.

– We can’t even understand what my daughter has done wrong. She paid for a parking ticket and showed off his blue disability badge on the dash. We have always thought that people with a permit for disability parking can park on double yellow lines. The car blocked in no way fortover. There were other cars in the vicinity, who had not received a fine. Tania was the only one who got a fine, tells Me Morris.

A spokesperson from the hospital says that now the efforts are on to make parking options better:

‘We recommend that Tania Morris contacts APCOA, who on our behalf is responsible for the parking lot. She can ask them to resume her full-case’.