Problems with the Danish spectators to landskampen against Gibraltar in november costs DBU a fine 48.000 dkk.

The, UEFA has just published on its website.

DBU will get a fine of 5,000 euros, because the spectators ran on the pitch, while there is also a fine of 1,500 euros for the use of pyrotechnics. Converted to Danish kroner is the equivalent to the good and well-48.000 dkr, which may be said to be mercifully released.

After the match, said DBU’s fodbolddirektør, Peter Miller, in critical terms about the Danish fans.

– Friday, unfortunately, there were individual fans, that went far over the line. It is completely unacceptable. We want great atmosphere with our fans, but it must also be safe for all to go to the match, it sounded at the apartment of Peter Mills on DBU’s website.

He feared an even larger fine than the as UEFA has decided.

– We can risk fines of several hundred thousand dollars, which we instead could have spent on activities for our fans. It was a shame and sin for the many fans who are doing a great job with the back up of the team, said Peter Møller.

in turn DBU has been acquitted for the Ireland match, where the Danish fans were charged for throwing things on the pitch.

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