KUMAMOTO (Ekstra Bladet): It is close to being trivial! But Sandra Toft was thus probably even an entirely sensible match, when Denmark beat the Netherlands 27-24 and thus continue to live in the WORLD with the chance to reach the promised land: the Qualification to a qualification – the dream of Tokyo in august is still in the game.

11 formidable rescues alone before the break. 55 percent! And therefore, it was not put-shot and balls that came bouncing or rolling, keeper took care of before she ended the working day with a total of 19 parades!

It is simple and crude world-class. And in the very highest degree necessary…

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Photo: Bo Amstrup

It was completely free, the flying dutchmen in contra, it was the line ends and shot, and so she picked about every time completions from the wing.

Angela Malestein must have felt it, as she had a millstone around the neck, and if the Dutch right-wing needs an hour or two of the mental-coach, so to understand her.

Denmark advances to preliminary a space up in the group and passing by south Korea, later in the day meets Norway. Denmark should ’just’ beat Serbia in the final match on Wednesday to keep themselves in the game to a location as a minimum number of seven to kvale to ye the penalty.

Mia Rej also came in action and pløkkede actually a missile in the box as quickly as the vent, that even Lucky Luke was in difficulties. Unfortunately, she got an orange elbow right in the snotten and had bleeding off and have fixed a gash and pasted the face along with the patch.

But even the action was as a samu-Rej worthy…

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Estavana Polman and Co. worked nicely tender, and Denmark was once again a terrific start on the purge – and held this time, cadence significantly longer than against Norway yesterday. Denmark went from 4-4 to 9-4 after 18 minutes, and keep femmåls a head start to the break, where the post was 14-9. But the team, again did itself a terrible start in the second half.

the Errors piled up – an account that never runs out! Freja Cohrt had two ugly afbrændere, the Dutch exploited the dual Danish attack/defence replacement, and in a ruf was the Oranje in the match again. 14-9 to 14-12.

Denmark went 16-12 and 21-16, but that was burned was pleasant on Tess Wester in the Dutch cage, and they came thundering up 21-20 Which were then transformed to 23-21 and 24-21 with four minutes left.

Captain Jorgensen was only used for a short time, and the Dutch, closest to the dane without self-confidence and telescopic sight to fire. Anne Mette Hansen, the other big Danish profile, was long a pale version of himself – but then took the hell suddenly at her, and she hammered four scores in, as it tricks the most.

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Photo: Bo Amstrup

Two times hit the Dutch, by the side of the empty goal, and it belongs definitely to a happy end, to Sandra Toft also took with hands, feet and body after the break. Indomitable Mie Højlund, is burned a part, were shown the pulse down in a part home, when she again risked his blue eye in a kamikaze assault and spotted to 26-23 with a minute and a half again.

With the victory over the Netherlands live the microscopic dream of a Danish WORLD cup semi-final continued.

Denmark Shall, in the unlikely semi-final, must Klavs Bruun Jørgensen’s troops even beat Serbia, and Norway lose to both south Korea and Germany, while the Netherlands and south Korea must finish by playing a tie with each other.

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