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Drillenisserne was at the game in Tivoli on Monday morning, when Lars ‘Chief 1’ Pedersen had to perform live in the ‘Go Morgen Danmark’.

the Sound of the studio equipment was several seconds late, and it meant that the Chief 1 had to give up to sing his new single, ‘Kooks’, before he even got started.

The experienced musician could immediately hear that something was wrong, when drummer am totally taken by Haydar struck the bars, and then it may probably be that the panic spread.

– I’ve had nightmares about that such a thing would happen in 32 years, and so it happened. To make live with the delayed sound, or that the plate runs out, when I act as dj, has been a recurring nightmare for me. But now I have tried it, says the Chief 1 Extra Magazine.

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He admits outright that he was completely shaken in the situation, but after having sound for a couple of hours, he calls it downright liberating that such a thing can happen in a time where everything must be so perfect.

– It shows just that there is something being made today that actually is human. It was a fine demonstration of the now, he laughs.

When Chief 1 discovered that it was mad with the sound, he sent the baton to this morning’s hosts, Adam DuvĂ„ Hall and Ida Wohlert, as nicely had to paddle and eat cookies with Mette Blomsterberg, while there were bony to find the error.

– I irks me such that I did not offer to do the weather forecast. So I could have told, that it was lortevejr, laughs Chief 1, who despite the harrowing experience reported ready to give his appearance one more shot, since lydfolkene in the study believed that they have found the error.

– They were not completely sure, but I was ready to try. And then we gave the whole arm, he says.

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Although the Chief 1 now can cross the audio-coke in a live broadcast from its mareridtsliste, so it’s not something he needs to experience again, he says.

– Now I have tried it, and we must not just say that it was. It is probably one of the most claustrophobic I’ve tried, he says of the experience, he also has written about on Facebook.