the Theories have buzzing since Monday, where a football fan in Ecuador was spotted together with a woman.

The two of them sitting together and kissing, while the sweet moment coming up on a big screen during the football game.

As the man looks kissed, is he white as a sheet and rush to remove both the hands and lips from the young woman.

he Then moves himself forward so that you can not see, that the woman previously had a hand on his thigh. It looks very similar, that he has been caught in something he probably shouldn’t have done.

Now the man himself has chosen to tell the truth about that viral moment.

What has he done on his Facebook and Instagram, where Deyvi Andrade admits that the reason for the somewhat violent reaction is because he during the fight was his partner unfaithful.

The long posters in Spanish have been translated by the media Metro.

‘If it had been a woman, who had made it here, what would you do? There are many videos out there where the women are unfaithful, but they have not been done just as much fun with as I am. I will defend my honor and my pride as a man to the very end. We all make mistakes, and we regret it all. Thank you to those who have invited me in the church, and if I take of the place, it becomes in order to heal my family’, he writes, and continues:

‘There is no need to criticize my image. God is big and strong, and the women who criticize me, I know that you too have been unfaithful, but In commenting on the still’.

He also used the long lookup to turn to his partner, as he publicly has been unfaithful.

‘I would like to back to you and have these moments by your side. I am very sorry, and this is why I’m writing publicly about this nonsense. I would like to ask you to forgive me. I’m so confused, but I so want to be with you’, he writes for prayer.

There has been great interest in the infamous video clip.

the Clip is both been shown in Good Morning Britain and has gone viral on social media.

Even the rock band Nickelback has shared the clip – which has gotten even wider.

the man’s partner ends up forgiving him is not yet known.