The extreme australian forest fires cost Australia’s coal industry expensive.

It discloses one of the world’s largest mining companies, australian BHP Group, the night of Tuesday local time in a press release, according to the australian media, the Australian Mining.

– the Smoke from the regional fires, and the dust has degraded the air quality at our facility, which has gone out of our production in the last quarter of 2019, writes the BHP Group.

the mining company has several coal-fired power stations in the state of New South Wales (NSW), in which the city of Sydney is located, which has been ravaged by several hundred raging fires.

BHP Group reports that coal production has fallen by nine percent in the last quarter of 2019, compared to the same period in 2018.

– If the air quality continues to be low, operation may be limited even further, write the BHP Group for the coming months.

the Fires in Australia have so far claimed the lives of 29 people and several million animals life.

in Addition, over 2500 homes have been destroyed in the 110,000 square kilometers of land that has been ravaged by the fires. This corresponds to more than twice that of Denmark’s land or a third of Germany’s.

Despite the tordenstorme and rain in recent days, the eastern states NSW and Victoria are still plagued by many fires.

According to Australia’s meteorological bureau increases the temperatures and the vindhastighederne in the coming days in Victoria, which provides optimal conditions for new fires.

the state Government of NSW declared on Monday that it raises the contribution of primary producers, typically in agriculture, which is affected by the fires.