There is great demand for tickets to Denmark’s three group stage matches at the european championship in soccer next summer, all of which must be played in the Park. It has got the quite large black market sales.

Thus writes Politiken that tickets are sold up to 18 times the official price.

Officially cost tickets to the Danish matches at the euro between 375 and just under 1400 dollars, but Jeremy Salomon, which Politiken refers to as “the Danish netværkskonge” selling the tickets for between 6725 and 9350 crowns.

At billetfirmaet Viagogo are sold in the city between 2000 and 5500.

Dansk Boldspil-Union (DBU) and The union of European Football associations (Uefa) strongly warns against buying the tickets.

– If you buy tickets that are not either purchased directly from Uefa or is provided with a special code from for example DBU, are liable to be left with useless tickets for summer important matches, says Jakob Høyer, head of communications in the DBU.

– For all resale of tickets by third parties subject to the same warning: That it is unreasonable overpricing, and that there is a risk of fake tickets or tickets, as fans can not use, he continues.

Crafty touts trying to exploit the danes ‘ desire to see Christian Eriksen and co. at this summer’s european championship matches in Copenhagen. Photo: Liselotte Sabroe

He says, DBU, together with Uefa will examine things in more detail and on this basis assess whether it is appropriate to report anything to the police.

As it is in Denmark, it is illegal to sell tickets for overpriced, is the consumer ombudsman intervened in the case on Viagogo, who for many years has been criticized for acting as a billethaj.

the More complex the matter can be with Jeremy Solomon. He claims to Politiken that the tickets originate from a partner in Sweden, where it is allowed to resell adgangstegn to overpriced.

Denmark initiates the EM 13. June against Finland and meetings in Belgium and Russia, respectively, 18. and 22. June.

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