It is not many days ago, the 22-year-old bikinimodel Brooks Nader smoke in a big storm, when she troppede up in an extremely revealing dress at the Year Awards, which were held by Sports Illustrated.

she put a picture up, got people to call her the hooker, like other wrote, that she with such a dress even asked to be raped.

It is understandable if the comments got the corner of his mouth to turn down for the Brooks Nader, but this weekend the mood was with the warranty turned.

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in front of 330 guests said the model Sunday ‘Yes’ to the 11-year-older businessman, William Haire, in New Orleans.

the More did not think that the dress was okay, since she showed it on Instagram. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix/Stephen Smith

The typing of the magazine People.

– I’m most excited to be able to call him my husband, she says to the magazine, which was for the wedding.

– We also look forward to continuing our adventure together. We have had a lot of fun traveling together and look forward to even more.

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This is your luck made for the model, who last week had to listen to the following comments on Instagram, as she said her revealing dress on the social media:

‘Why do women like you transparent clothes on, but you’ll be sure, if men treat you as whores. My guess is that you probably don’t’

‘To have a completely transparent dress on is like asking to be raped. She has probably already used his body to come forward. I say it’s just, as I see it. If it falls in good soil or not’

however, There were also positive comments about the model’s amazing figure. Photo: Ritzau/Scanpix/Stephen Smith

Brooks, however, was quick with a response to the evil comments.

‘I took this dress on, because I felt like it, and it made me feel sexy. Maybe it’s not strong for you, but it was for me’.

Brooks Nader published his first cover of Sports Illustrated next month, which has been to in Bali.