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Then the sun shines again over Andersen’s seaside resort and the north jutland dunes. But already the initial sequence, where the new owner Amanda with a worried my lowers It more than suggests that all is not as it used to be in the forløjede universe. And thank you for it.

A new and less carefree tone had already started to penetrate in the last season, but now we have reached the summer of 1940, and the time can no longer simply be used as more or less (mostly the first) innocent nostalgic flavor, while Weyse creates itself through even a schlager from back then.

Film, tv & radio – 17. jan. 2020 – pm. 21:52 Here are the new faces on ‘fawlty towers’

Denmark is known to have been occupied by Hitler’s Germany, and although the germans have not really reached the idyllic feriekoloni, so you sense clearly that they are on the way. Nana (Laura Love) has already lost her husband in connection with the fighting in Haderslev, and thus paid the highest price, while mr. Madsen most is busy to earn money on the germans. And like in Germany. How is there so much.

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the War is, however, still a smoldering rumble in the background here in the first episode of season seven, where the most dramatic feature is old fish and a revoked execute permissions. But I think, that the stolen soldaterbog going to put one or another in time? It may say something about the new buns on the sagosuppen, that the external work of art is referenced to several times, is Tom Kristensen’s self-destructive classic ‘Vandalism’, which at this time has ten years of experience.

There is, in other words not something that is so bad, that it is not good for anything. Not even the occupation of Denmark. Although I am not a historian, I doubt, however, that people knew and used the word ‘concentration camp’ already in the summer of 1940 – and certainly not a so verdensfjernt man as Edward Weyse (Jens Jacob Tychsen). But now the credibility of the never been something that has been ‘fawlty towers’ marked on my heart.

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I do not claim that we in any imaginable ways of approaching the ‘Matador’level – where the war also played a not insignificant role along the way – there are the people all of the caricatures and one-dimensional. They can all be decoded after just a single scene, it also applies to the new entrants guests, but so do we, of course, for the surprises, as you obviously do everything to avoid in the ‘fawlty towers’, where the sleep-tv still seems to be the password.

We are moving, however slowly, but surely away from the tåkrummende and pinagtigt poor conditions that characterized the many first seasons, and one feels no longer an indomitable urge to throw heavy objects against the screen, when one of the guests deklamerer even a stavepladereplik in the bright summer night. It is probably also a kind of succeskriterie.

Medv.: Amalie Dollerup, Lars Ranthe, Anette Støvelbæk, Jens Jacob Tychsen m.fl.