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While Nicklas Bendtner is in a ford about his football career, popping up in a new tv series on Dplay.

In the autumn was the former midfielder part of the Stale Solbakkens squad in FC Copenhagen. But the joy was short – after a lean return with only one goal in a pokalkamp against FC Nordsjælland turned the Norwegian head coach tomlen down, then the contract may need to be renegotiated.

But regardless of whether he finds a new club, or on the last kick is kicked, then disappears Nicklas Bendtner is not out of the limelight.

Discovery publish now that the series ’Bendtner and Philine’ will premiere on Dplay in the spring of 2020.The Tv station is calling it a press release for a brutally honest reportageserie.

Nicklas Bendtner and Philine Roepstorff invites the danes to a glimpse of that famous life. Photo: Discovery

They tell us that the danes come close to the dream of a common family, their great love and, not least, missed between the famous pair.

– We would like to urge some of the clichés and stereotypes, there will always be a football player and his modelkæreste, to the ground. And then we will give the viewers an insight into the funny, edgy and, at times, tough love, there will always be the cornerstone of our relationship, ” says Philine Roepstorff in the press release.

his Career in the FCK was never any success. Photo: Jens Dresling

– Both Philine and I are used to being in the media spotlight. There will be written many stories about us, and we often find that it is only the half-truth that comes up. In my book I tell about the ups and downs that have marked my life and my career until now, and this series is a natural continuation of the story, says Nicklas Bendtner.

In the series we are on the sidelines, when he failed to make big decisions on karrierefronten, and when Philine lives the changeable modelliv and on their own to travel the world on jobs. But we are also with, when everyday life hits with laundry and shopping, and when the pair is on the boligjagt, talking about raising a family and relaxing in each other’s company on the couch, writes Discovery.

Philline Roepstorff and Nicklas Bendtner. Photo: Ole Martin Wold/NTB/Ritzau Scanpix

About how it has been to open up about his personal life than for the whole of Denmark, ” says Nicklas Bendtner:

– We thought long about whether our relationship was strong enough to cope with all the attention, which of course follows with, when you say yes to let a camera crew to get close to. We were well aware that it would not be a picture postcard story with us as protagonists. But we have never been interested in, says Nicklas Bendtner.

– It is a big part of our lives to have fun in each other’s company, and though we may be both adversaries and argue loudly, so we have a chemistry and a internal humour, which we are proud of and like to show off for the whole of Denmark, as it very much defines who we are as a couple and as individuals, says Bendtner, according to the press release.

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