A teen who has never tasted meat before, says that she has ‘not been able to eat properly’, since she by mistake bed in a kyllingeburger, she had from McDonald’s.

she says to the Mirror, which also has been in contact with the respective McDonald’s headquarters.

Clancy Bogue from the Uk had ordered a vegetarian burgers are her favorite fast food restaurant in Bristol, as there was an unfortunate error.

The 19-year-old girl had never eaten meat before, is brought up by vegetarians and have kept it meat-free diet all his life, because she morally have a problem with eating animals.

The students from the University of the West of England were sick for several days, after she took a bite of what she thought was a vegetarian burger.

She says that she was very horrified when she discovered the error, and that she has not eaten properly since.

the Restaurant manager has apologised for the ‘extremely disappointing’ incident and told that there has been a regrettable error.

Clancy Bogue explains even the experience to the media.

I had ordered, got my food and took it upstairs to eat. I took a bite, and it tasted just not right. I looked inside it and discovered that the burger shown was white. I found that it was indeed chicken, and I was completely destroyed. I had a horrible feeling in my stomach, and I threw almost up. I was so bad. I went downstairs to speak with the manager. He would give me a new burger, but I wouldn’t have one. I would like to make a proper complaint about it, she says.

The young woman explains that it was absolutely terrible, and that they destroyed her ‘spisem√łnster’.

– I was really queasy. They should ensure that these things don’t happen. I will not eat there ever again.

In an email to Clancy Bogue, the restaurant has apologized for the written, that they are very sorry, that there was made a mistake with the burgers.

‘I have examined the case, and it seems that it was a mistake from a new staff member who was finishing the product, but not kept properly eye. Although all the procedures are complied with, there has been a mistake. I have personally explained to the employee the seriousness of the situation and told about how we communicate, so that there never occurs such an error again. I apologize for the poor handling of my employee’s hand’, said a spokesperson.

another spokesperson from McDonald’s has come up with an official announcement to the Mirror .

‘We would like to apologise to this customer for our error. We understand that it is not in order to serve meat when there are ordered a vegetarprodukt. We would like to make it clear that we do all we can to it here does not happen. If the customer wishes to discuss the matter further, we would like to refer her to our service’, says.

Clancy Bogue has gone ahead with the case is not yet known.