It was a cheerful Rikke Gøransson, who on Saturday showed up on the red carpet to the award of the TV Price by 2020.

Here she was, dressed in a dress that featured the shapes, and then saved it at the same time on a small, fine history.

– It is no residue from the the royal Danish theatre kostumeafdeling, she could tell.

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‘Paradise Hotel’host has previously been known to show its more violent side, when she has been asked to the subjects as children.

But in recent times has she begun to smile, when it has been brought up, and she has even told me that she would like to see her and her boyfriend Tommy – Lee Winkworth have children in the future.

En Ekstra Bladet met the 33-year-old Gøransson on the red carpet, it was natural to ask to what mon had changed.

– in Principle, it’s just that, that if you are a woman and over 30, so are the children of the first questions that are asked. I’m more than just a fødemaskine, it was always the first question that was asked, she replied friendly.

But are you starting to turn more in the tank?

– I have always wanted to have children, but it is not in the plans right now. We have been lovers for a year for fashion week, she told.

fashion week is settled between the 28. January and 31. January.

Rikke Gøransson was only for TV Price, and it was there for a reason. With a laugh, told the pretty tv host, she is watching TV Price as a branchefest, and so had Tommy-Lee is also more urgent things to take care of.

– He has just put me of. He have to go home and play the PlayStation, she said.

currently, Rikke Gøransson experienced on Viafree and Viaplay in his familiar role as host of the tv program ‘Paradise Hotel’.