Dyraktivister stormed a shopping centre in Brisbane, Australia, because they would like to udskamme families, who were taken there to get a picture of the centre’s christmas show, in addition to the gnomes also had two reindeer.

the Site has used real reindeer for their christmas show in several years, and this week came the cute duo return to delight the children and other attendees.

But while the families prepared to see reindeer, and gnomes, came anger dyraktivister and surrounded the site, while they cried out, that the exploitation should stop.

‘Our christmas would be just as good, without that we are using two reindeer’.’

The writing several british media, including the Daily Mail.

The vegan dyreaktivister held not back. Photo: Brisbane City Council

the Other had christmas hats on and held signs, which they proclaimed, that the animals were not there, and that the site is not just exploit the animals.

Last year, PETA dropped the reindeer in the parade, but even though there are now only talking about a couple of hours exhibition of the two great helpers to santa claus, it was still not good enough.

– Juleudstillinger, who uses real animals, goes against all that there is juleĆ„nden, told spokesperson from PETA Emily Rice.

She said further, that animals are not something you can use as props, and that they should not be forced to suffer.

There is not yet a statement from the centre about whether you want to ditch the reindeer for next year.

About the animals suffered, is not yet known. Photo: photo: Brisbane City Council