11 people are injured after a car late Monday night local time (early Tuesday morning Danish time) slammed into in a clothing store in Burien, a suburb of Seattle in the UNITED states.

Among them is a two-year boy, the boy’s grandfather and a man in the 30’s.

this was stated by The King County sherifkontor on Twitter.

‘A car smashed into the Ross store in Burien. Four patients are in critical condition, and six are receiving treatment’, wrote sherifkontoret shortly after seven o’clock in the morning. Ago, the figure is revised upwards by one.

the Driver of the car and a woman ran according to the Seattle Times in the store, where they stole several things, before they ran back to the car and tried to flee from the spot.

Both are now arrested. The man is among other things, aim to run in the affected state, while the woman is charged with shoplifting.

Several journalists sharing pictures from the place on Twitter.

Reporter Gary Horcher writes in several spreads, to a total of four children have come to harm.

On a picture taken by the journalist David Rose seen the devastation, the car has left in store.

It remains to be seen whether there is a case of an accident or a deliberate act, and whether the driver of the car is arrested.