Rarely have things gotten so many shots as the racquet, Serena Williams smashed to a pulp in the US Open final against Naomi Osaka last year.

the American was frustrated. No, it is simply too mild an expression. She was so eddersp├Žndt furious that her head looked like something that was about to explode.

It went beyond the match referee – and a racquet.

Now it has been sold, the racket.

At an auction in New Jersey.

20.910 dollars earned it. This corresponds to 140,000 dollars.

140.000 for a racquet that is smashed.

Photo: Adam Hunger/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

One of the explanations may be, that there is talk about a famous prop from a famous finale, where all time perhaps the greatest female tennis player had a meltdown in the finale, she sensationally lost on its home turf in New York.

Williams had many times before been storfavorit up to the year’s last Grand Slam tournament, and she marched brilliantly through the tournament, where Estonian Kaia Kanepi in 4. round was the only opponent that could shake her and win a set. People such as sister Venus, Karolina Pliskova, Anastasia Sevastova got clear shots of the giant Serena.

But not Osaka.

In the final played the 20-year-old japanese fresh and could be more easily amazed to see her opponent on several occasions went riot.

First she got a warning for being coached by his trainer up from the grandstand. It made Serena mad. And so scolded, she the judge out.

When she in 2. set smashed his racket, followed another warning – and a pointstraf.

the smoke of the racket…Photo: Danielle Parhizkaran/USA TODAY SPORTS/Ritzau Scanpix

Then she was crazy again. She ranted and demanded an apology by the judge, who even had to publish, that she had not been coached earlier in the fight. So took the judge a lot from her.

And then she lost 6-2, 6-4 in one of the more memorable singlefinaler in many years.

the Racket was put up for sale in a special collection of sports goods, who also spoke one of Jesse Owens’ gold medals from the OLYMPICS in Berlin in 1936 and a signed LeBron James card from the 2003-04 season, when he was a rookie.

the Latter went for 198.030 dollars to 1.3 million. crowns. Owens’ medal ended up indbrige 615.000 dollars – eur 4.1 million. crowns!

In totalling 1500 objects 4.3 million dollars.

But back to Serena Williams’ racquet. Its journey is peculiar.

She gave it to bolddrengen Justin Arrington-Holmes. But he would make money and got 500 dollars for it when he sold it on. He has since regretted.

– When I look back, I wish I had gotten help in the process. I was not aware of how something works. I would just with the, the New York Times quoted him as saying.