Since they were teens, Jørgen and Niels ‘Noller’ Olsen appeared together.

They have the saliva kæmpehits as ‘San Francisco’, ‘Angelina’ and not least the Eurovision winner from 2000, ‘Fly On The Wings of Love’ out, but now it’s over.

According to the Image of the Magazine’s illness forced Niels ‘Noller’ Olsen set career.

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to Ekstra Bladet confirms the 65-year-old singer even the sad news.

– It has been decided some months, but we have gone quiet with the doors, he says.

In the spring, Noller hit by a stroke, but it is not only the aftermath of it, forcing him to lay the guitar on the shelf.

three months ago I got diagnosed with cancer in the brain. I have been treated with chemo and also get a kind of treatment now, he says, subdued.

– Yes, it is not so good. The doctors have said that I have between two and four years again.

Jørgen and Noller Olsen has played together since 1965, when they were respectively 15 and 11 years old. The time was the Kinks. Photo: Morten Bjørn Jensen
Noller says that his focus now is on the family.

– And on the move. I already have something planned, he says, without to elaborate.

Familietid on stage with Jørgen Olsen, are there not more of.

– My brother is obviously upset about it. It is clear, says Noller, and stresses that his loyalty to the audience will always be there.

well-Known Noller died twice on the operating table: – I’m worn out