Two brothers from Sydney, has been sentenced to prison for at least 27 to 30 years of age to would plant a bomb in a meat chopper on board a passenger plane out of Australia.

the 52-year-old Khaled Khayat and 34-year-old Mahmoud Khayat was found guilty in may and september to plan a terrorist act between January and July 2017.

According to the court, had the brothers planned to smuggle a meat chopper packed with explosives in their unsuspecting brother Amer Khayats luggage. Brother had with a Etihad flight from Sydney Australia to Abu Dhabi in The United Arab Emirates.

in the supreme court In Sydney sentenced judge Christine Adamson on Tuesday, Khaled Khayat to 40 years in prison and Mahmoud Khayat to 36 years in prison without the possibility of parole, respectively, 30 and 27 years old.

– no-one actually got physically hurt or killed as a result of these plans, makes it no less serious, the judge said at the hearing.

the Plans also included a fourth brother, 47-year-old Tarek Khayat, who fought for the militant group Islamic State (IS) in Syria. He instructed his brothers in Sydney to plant the bomb, just as he supplied them with explosives.

According to the prosecution the plans were abandoned when the luggage weighed too much, since it was checked-in, with which the mincer was taken up.

Prosecutor Lincoln Cowley told during a court hearing in september that Khaled Khayat worked on a second plan to plant toxic gas on board an aircraft, when he was arrested by the police.

Both brothers maintain that they are innocent.