the Ukrainian experts have gained access to the black boxes of the Ukrainian aircraft which crashed in Iran on Wednesday.

It tells Ukraine’s foreign minister, Vadym Prystaiko, on Friday afternoon.

– Our team has now gained access to the black boxes, says minister of foreign affairs in a briefing.

The black boxes are used to unravel the cause of air accidents. Together with the iranians, it will be decided where the black boxes must be analyzed, says.

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International coalition
Ukraine wants to establish an international coalition to investigate the plane crash in Iran on Wednesday, telling the minister further. Ukraine has sent around 50 experts to Iran to participate in the investigation after the crash.

the Plane, which crashed, was from Ukraine International Airlines. 176 people were killed.

the foreign Minister will also inform you, that the country has gained access to parts of the flyvraget. At the same time, he rejects that there must be reason to believe that the iranian authorities will not work with Ukraine.

Ukraine wants not, however, yet to comment on the reason for the crash.

The top leaders of the UNITED states, the united kingdom and Canada, however, has stated that intelligence sources indicate that the plane – perhaps by mistake – had been shot down by an iranian missile.

But Iran has rejected.

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Photo: Ritzau Scanpix
No explanation
The iranian authorities are, however, also not yet come up with a different explanation for the crash.

The senior manager for aviation in Iran, Ali Abedzadeh, has indicated that Iran will analyze the black boxes from the plane to find the accident’s cause.

– We prefer to download the material from the black boxes of Iran. But if we can’t do it, because the black boxes are damaged, we will seek help, Abedzadeh said at a news conference according to Reuters.

It can take one to two months just to get the data out of the boxes, and the work will Iran stand for. But the countries who lost nationals in the crash, will be invited into the study.

on board the aircraft was about 80 iranians and about 60 canadians, as well as several ukrainians, swedes, afghans, germans and britons.