MALMÖ (Ekstra Bladet): – I miss Magnus Landin crazy much, and there are still-lifes, I can not play. He is probably our most important player in relation to the balance of the team.

How regretted Nikolaj Jacobsen immediately after the tie showdown against Hungary, and there are indications also that the wing with the strong defensive strengths would also be fired against Russia on it, that may end up as a wicked Wednesday!

We are testing today, and see how, and how it falls out. Of course we have a of hope, that he can participate – otherwise, he was sent home. If he can play then he plays, says national coach on Tuesday afternoon at Baltiska Hallen – where he in fact even the finals, debuted in 1993.

Magnus Landin is not very to reveal too much about her condition – especially the attached to the right big toe, he in Metz pounded into Henrik Møllgaards foot and in the same moment twisted a ligament in.

Are you able to play against Russia?

– It must exercise in the day show.

What is your feeling?

– It must exercise in the day show.

Nicholas said, you play, if you are ready!

– Exactly.

How much do you need to be?

– I don’t know.

You must surely know, if it hurts when you go?

– Well, I am here not without pain, but I must still use the training to find out what I can and can’t.

do you Have a bearing on whether it is just by being there?

– Jow, I am then out from, the is. But I can’t say much else than that.

Are you ready to eat the max pain to put up, or you think you have an employer who quickly need to use you again?

– I will do a lot to play, and yes… I also hope, I stand on the track in the morning. It I must say.

How has it been sitting outside?

– Not particularly fun. It has been different than you are accustomed to when you accustomed to standing on the pitch along with the rest of the team. In good times and bad.

Anja Count treats Magnus Landin five days ago. Wing may be ready to play Wednesday night in skæbnekampen. Photo: Lars Poulsen

the physical therapist Anja Greve explains:

– He has, after all, still evil in the big toe, and he will be for a while yet. There is progress, it is sore, but from not being able to go, he can now run – but with pain. He can feel it.

– We can’t do more than we already have done. The challenge is the time, and we have not. The damage is a stupid place, if one may say so – you use the toe all the time, says the victorian medicinkvinde.

– I can promise you, he is the wallpaper up after all the rules of art. I stabilizes the joint. Of course, you can always take a lot of pills, but right now we are doing it, that he gets the treatment he gets plenty of ice, and he also get pills that fights inflammation. But never in combat!

Magnus Landin therefore need to eat itself. He looks like a man who is ready for it. In the nation’s service. And the team’s.

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