A decent gaming headset can be a crucial factor to succeed in the digital battlefield, when you play a game. The sound can be to tip the fight to your advantage – by to hear the enemy better and more accurately than they hear you.

But good sound costs are not necessarily a fortune. Nevertheless, there are also far more expensive and better alternatives. Audeze LCD-GX, which we test today, hear intended for in the more expensive category, where you have to move you well over 5000 dollars per. copy.

But what do you actually get when you invest so much in a gaming headset?

instead of being delivered in a plain cardboard box comes Audeze LCD-GX for example in its own carrying case that is built to withstand the most. Two sets of cables also comes with the headset. One with a microphone and a twisted variant without a microphone designed for clean musikbrug.

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There follows a cable without a microphone, so you can use the headphone for music. Photo: Tek.no

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But also the actual earphones are sturdy made. Here is the big ‘ear’ and pillows, which meet you, as well as a surface made of magnesium. This means that the weight is far less than what the rugged exterior would suggest.

Behind the metalgitteret have the headphones a fine mesh grid is colored in red. It seems we actually are a pretty tough detail.

Although the headphones itself is enormous, as is the hanger and the fortress to the headphones something completely different. Here is used a minimum of materials, but it is still a robust solution.

Against your head you get a strap that is tightened up and protects against the rest of the metal bracket.

to adjust the bøjlens into account is the two very simple ‘spell’ with the notch in performing the peas. These are quite tight to adjust, which in our book is a definite plus, since you don’t lose the adjustment, even though you should put your headset a little recklessly from you.

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the ear cups are made of light metal. Photo: Tek.no

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Audeze LCD-GX is a robust and large built, but the low weight means that they can be worn on the head for a long period of time. It is an advantage when we are benched in front of the pc and plays in the late night hours.

The large pads are softly padded and covered with leather, which prevents them from squeezing against the area around the ears. There is also plenty of space inside the ‘cup’, so you will hardly encounter problems with the fit against the ear.

The same applies to the hanger. It is simple and brilliant design, and offers up to several hours of use without you being bothered by it in any way. In the beginning was the somewhat tight, but after some use loosened up, so there was minimal pressure on the side of the head.

Then there is the sound. The very reason for the huge price. It is the headphones that are surprisingly simple, so you can actually connect them directly to your pc without sound is quite scraggy of the reason. But if you buy headphones for over 5000 crowns, it is great to be able to connect them via a suitable amplifier that really gets the sound to shine.

the Sound of the Audeze headphones can be described as quite warm and dissolved. The bass is dark and deep and get explosions in, for example, Battlefield-game to almost to be felt on the body. Yet the bass is not so excessive to the rest of the sound, so it complements more than it dominates, even when you play.

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the Headphones are very comfortable to wear even for many hours. Photo: Tek.no

If money is not a problem:

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What makes these headphones a great weapon against the enemy is that the midrange is prominent and well dissolved. Here you can hear people coming towards you, while the people you’re talking to also has good clarity. A combination that is worth its weight in gold, when the fighting is at its highest.

the Treble in these headphones is also fine, but is not as sharp and prominent as it is, for example, in the Sennheiser HD 820. Yet precise enough that it provides a good base for the rest of the sound.

There is also a wide soundstage that meets you. And it is handy when you find yourself in the game and find out if it is worth it to take one street rather than another – and, hopefully, overpower the enemy.

at the same time, we get good feedback on the microphone, that comes supplied with, from our spilvenner. The ones we played against, could tell that the sound was clear and precise without pulling any significant background noise with. The microphone sits as mentioned on the supplied wiring kit and is simple and easy to adjust.

Although Audeze’s primarily for gamers, there is no problem to see the link for the general music headphones, as the brand is first and foremost known for.

As mentioned, the bass in these headphones is deep and potent, and the same applies when playing music. Without being so brutal that you can’t play most of the musikgenrerne.

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To adjust the headphones to fit your head. Photo: Tek.no

Headphone for common users:

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When we set The Eagles’ live album ‘Hell Freezes Over’ is the midrange still so prominent that the voices and instruments come through clearly, though trommernes beat still is distinctive and solid on stage.

The slightly warm sound are quickly happy, but it is still not more ‘coloured’ than that even purists who like the raw honesty, too, can pull a little at the smile of the sound.

When we hear the Hotel California, we may well miss that the tweeter had been a notch more clear. Don Henley’s voice is clear and warm, but rytmeinstrumenterne could have been even sharper and more dissolved. But again, we’re comparing here with other extreme headphones, as the that the Sennheiser HD 820.

We jump from The Eagles to Rakim, and this genre gets the bass to shine even more. Beatsene in numbers beats just as hard and engaging as we had hoped, which made lyttetiden a delight.

From rap goes the way along to Daft Punk. Also here is lytteglæden to the present, and the slightly heavy basrytme from Instant Crush being engaging and powerful. Again, are the voices clear and stodgy, while the crisp rhythm could be a little sharper and dissolved.

Still, however, we have a smile on your face almost regardless of what is in the headphones. It is easy to forget the time and place and just absorb the music – regardless of genre.

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Really nice character to the otherwise expensive hovedtetelefoner for gamers. Photo: Tek.no

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Over 5000 dollars IS a lot of money to spend on a headset. Whether it is for games or music. But, you invest the money in the Audeze LCD-GX, you get a functioning package, which works well for both types of use.

You should probably be a little ‘warm’ sound to be able to really like these headphones, but it is still no overwhelming heat, we are talking about.

the Headphones themselves are very sturdy made and invite for many hours of listening pleasure. Here is comfort enough to keep it running for many hours at a time.

the Sound is mainly directed against you, that play, with a wealth of features that can be advantageous, if not necessary, in a variety of different games. It gets you in abundant quantities with the Audeze, so you can hear details, that reveals the enemy’s next move.

At the same time, it is a headset that gives you lots of joy in music in the bargain. Admittedly, it would be a notch better if the tweeter was some nuances more clear and prominent, but nevertheless, you will be served a sound quality that is hardly going to make you disappointed.

The only thing is, if you are willing to swallow the price or not. If you can, have you purchased a product which, in our opinion, deserves a totally fabulous stamp.

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