It was with great joy, to Stanley R. Sloan could write on Twitter that he was the keynote speaker at the Danish Atlantic Councils celebration of NATO’s 70th birthday.

But was lasted short.

Just two hours after his original tweet he got the message. He had been scrapped by the us embassy in Copenhagen, because the UNITED states ambassador in Denmark, Carla Sands, not desired his presence.

In the aftermath of the announcement is the us expert far from satisfied with the development and writing, among other things, that he is concerned for his country.

Carla Sands has not given any official explanation as to why Stanley R. Sloan has been the wreck in the eleventh hour.

But according to the Danish Atlantic Council comes the order from Carla Sands itself.

‘Through the official channels of the Danish Atlantic Council has been informed that Carla Sands does not want his presence at the conference. Therefore, they demanded that he be removed as speaker’, is it in an email from the president of the Danish Atlantic Council, Lars Bangert Struwe in an email to Stanley R. Sloan, as the u.s. Buzzfeed News has seen.

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In connection with the USA’s afhængighedsdag 4. July 2019 met Ekstra journalist Carla Sands in the Rebild Hills. Photo: Rene Schütze

In the same email, he expresses his concern.

‘When you criticise the american president, so we believe that freedom of expression is paramount in any democracy, and we do not see a conflict between freedom of expression and to participate as a speaker at an international conference’

‘But when it is said, so is the Danish Atlantic Council is not in a position where we can ignore instructions from the american embassy, when they are so clear and specific’, he writes on.

Stanley R. Sloan in the past has criticized Donald Trumps way to handle its relations across the Atlantic. He got the invitation to Copenhagen about ten days ago.

the Extra Leaf is working to get a comment from Stanley R. Sloan and the american ambassador Carla Sands.