President of the Donald Trumps government is expected Thursday to roll out a federal law designed to protect groundwater and streams across the UNITED states.

It should meet demands from the agriculture, oil and mining industries.

this change in the law may give The Republican Party a boost in the back in the u.s. landbrugsbælte. Here are groups of voters, which can be important to get the Trump re-elected as president later in the year.

– It was rules, which essentially took your property from you, said Trump in a speech Sunday to the national agriculture organization. It reports the BBC.

But it will at the same time, making many nature and environmental organizations angry over that Trump is trying to score points at the expense of the environment.

It is the leader of the USA environmental bureau (EPA), Andrew Wheeler, who later that day will present its proposal, writes the newspaper the New York Times.

It will replace the vandmiljøplan, which was adopted under former president Barack Obama. The protected also the streams and wetlands in the country. It was then met with protests from several industries.

Under the new rules, property owners could pour pesticides, fertilizers and other pollutants directly into the millions of kilometers of rivers and water bodies for the first time in decades.