The 18-year-old cycling talent Andreas Byskov Sarbo was frontally påkørt of a car during a bike race in the month of may and lost the ago life.

the Accident took place during the cycling Tour the Ascension of the Otter, where a cyclist had gone out on the race’s third stage.

In the course of the time trial is approaching the bike-the talent themselves a traffic light, where a motorist making a left turn, even if it is due to cycling was forbidden to swing in the direction.

The 28-year-old woman, who sat behind the wheel, explained the incident that she saw no signs that would have indicated that the left turn was prohibited.

the Driver was Monday sentenced to a fine of 1500 dollars for the episode.

the Fine is not far from what it would cost for a cyclist to run a red – namely, 1000 crowns.

however, It is nothing, Andreas’ father, Mikkel Sarbo, use the special a lot of effort on.

– Fine has no correlation with our loss. I can safely write that I would give everything I own to get him back, says Mikkel Sarbo to Ekstra Bladet.

Mikkel Sarbo, with his son Andreas Byskov Sarbo, who was killed during a time trial in the Tour de Himmerland. Private

The lack of consistency brings no outrage with Mikkel Sarbo, which instead focus on more responsibility in the traffic.

– I can well understand that for many may seem strange with the amount, and it is also for me. But rather than be aggressive or unhappy, then we should rejoice that we live in a state of law, where the courts let all the uncertainty get accused for good – even if it is in this situation is quite incomprehensible.

– It is more important for me to encourage people to think about an extra time, when they put themselves into a car. As soon as you get hold of fixed, so this is not only your own but also other people’s lives.

Andrew Sarbo was only 18-years. Private
Poor motorist
Mikkel has not had contact with the 28-year-old motorist, but he finds solace in the fact that the case is over for all parties, and he calls to remember the people.

– I think one must be careful in judging others, we should instead focus on what we can do for all who are afraid of losing or have lost – and especially those for whom Andreas was an important figure in their lives.

– It is important to remember that there has been no desire to do harm from anyone. The poor woman has also been through a wild course, and it had probably not changed anything in her life, if she had been awarded a major punishment.

– But there is a possibility that it can change something In our lives, if we start to see more stringent on the lack of consideration in the traffic. The judgment does not mean that we as a society have accepted the fact that you, as a motorist, is not sufficient attention.

the End of the trial provides more peace of Mikkel, but the wound is still too fresh to, to make sure the period should be over.

– My mourning doesn’t stop, even though there is judgment. The end is just a small element among the many challenging experiences as a result of our losses, but now I certainly no longer think about this part of it.

the Motorist explained that she had not seen the signs, but I do not see that the organizers could have done better.

– I will have to say that my position is very clear in relation to the organizers. They had made it clear that you had to run there. I do not see any of the blame fall on their shoulders.

Mikkel Sarbo does not see that they could have done more, and stresses on the importance of parents can send their children confidently out into the traffic.

– We will need to make sure that children should be able to run the race without having to fear for their lives. Rather than be scared of our tragic episode, so we will all have to look forward and make sure it does not happen again.

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