the Rumors have buzzing in en masse on the future of RB Salzburg’s young målsluger Erling Håland.

Speculation about an upcoming change is taken to, after it was reported that a clause in the contract put a low lid over the sale price of the Håland, if Salzburg don’t get him sold in the next vintertransfervindue.

The possible ceiling of the contract has given additional rise to the conjecture that Red Bull-the club will sell him in January to as much as possible out of the sale.

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Now the other Red Bull club really joined in the fight. RB Leipzig’s manager Julian Nagelsmann tell to the German Kicker, that he has had a talk with the Norwegian kid on Wednesday night, and it went quite well.’

– I think it went quite well. After the kind of talk you can only say relatively little because they for the most part is pretty one-sided. You tell the coach a whole lot, and the agent and the player is listening in, say, a moderately optimistic Nagelsmann.

I strained me on a good English to explain to him what my idea of football is.

The two clubs have an extensive transferhistorik, and a possible trade would make the Haaland to the 18. the player who has switched from the austrian to the German ‘dåseklub’ in the course of just eight seasons.

A frustrated Haaland turns out with the arms in the course of the defeat of 2-0 to Liverpool. A defeat, which referred Salzburg to 3. square and Europa League advancement. Photo: Ritzau Scanpix

RB Leipzig release, however, not for competition. It is also reported that Håland has been in contact with storklubben Dortmund, who have also seen warm on the big venstrebenshugger.

Throughout the fall, he has been a topic of conversation, and the former has Premier League clubs such as Liverpool and Manchester United have also been linked with the teenage phenomenon.

the Latter especially after Håland senior, the former long-serving Premier League defender Alf-Inge Håland, showed up at United’s training facility. The danger, as in his career of many was known for his rivalry with Roy Keane, with whom it was exchanged herretacklinger over several. Maybe with nordmandens retirement to follow in the end.

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According to Bilds information back in november was its ceiling for a sale from summer on the ca. 30 million euros, corresponding to approx. 224 million Danish crowns. Significantly lower, than most probably imagined. Including Haaland himself, who in an interview with Sky Sports in the autumn of answered the journalist that he would give him a ‘special price’. 60 million euros.

The 19-year-old Norwegian has during the autumn season taken Europe by storm. 16 goals in 14 austrian league matches and seven goals in the Champions League group stage also sounds nice. A switch in the January window, which in many ways looks more and more likely, however, will mean for the future employer, that he can not stand up in european football for them. UEFA’s rules allow namely not a player to participate in european for more than one club per. season.

he Will be in the nordøstrigske, will a possible european scenario would be to see him in a ottendedelsfinale against FCK, who played himself on despite a hjemmenederlag to Malmö FF on Thursday. The draw for the next round will give the answers to the one question on Monday.

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