A kenyan topløber chose to jump out the window and run away, when a group of elite runners got the unexpected visit of dopingjægere.

It informs Barnaba Korir, who sits in the executive committee of The Kenyan Atletikforbund, the news agency Reuters.

– After dopingkontrollørerne introduced themselves and told why they visited the training camp, left a athlete the place, as if he were about to take on nature’s behalf – only to jump out the window and jump over the fence.

– He or she will not, however, to escape the strict measures are adopted, no matter how fast they run and how long it lasts, says Barnaba Korir, who call the runaway of a “fairly well-known athlete”.

Kenya is famous for its strong medium – and long-distance runners, but has in recent years also been the centre of a number of doping cases and is under the strict observation of The International anti-doping Agency (Wada).

It has got the authorities to turn up for dopingbekæmpelsen, and there are plans to criminalise doping. It will cause athletes risk to get in prison, if they are taken for doping.

In the past five years is about 60 kenyan athletes have been punished for having violated the antidopingreglementet.

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