You know her from the ‘Go’ Morgen Danmark’, ‘home purchases in the blind’, ‘Djævleræs’ and ‘Love Island’. But for that half a year ago, Lisbeth Østergaard plunge. She said good-bye to the screen and a fixed monthly hire to try their luck as self-employed.

– this is The first time in my life, I am not employed at a place. It then just get used to. I had to learn that I am now my own boss, and it was as anxiety-provoking to start with, says Lisbeth Østergaard and acknowledges that she just had countries in it.

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she is now. And she is a quite splendid place, she says to Ekstra Bladet.

– We have no stress-mornings, like so many other families, says the independent tv host, who is mother to two fresh boys, Viggo, just over five years and Carlo in a year.

– There are very many positive things in it. I really enjoy that I have so good time with my children. My husband, Ralf, has long shifts at his work and is away from home from o’clock 7 to after midnight. Some time I can good think, how we should get it to hang together, if I was stuck somewhere.

– All the boys ‘ grandparents live in Jutland, so help is not just around the corner, says Lisbeth Østergaard, if the man is working at a secure institution.

Lisbeth Østergaard and gemalen, Ralf Christensen. Photo: Anthon Unger

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As the self-employed have Lisbeth Østergaard time in developing a lot of ideas. It means a lot of meetings in order to present them and hopefully find someone who believes that ideas are just as good as she seems and therefore are ready to lead them out in life.

– Some time I’d like to as well, that somebody came and said, ‘Come Lisbeth! You don’t want to make it here’, but it must be in the right. It is insanely privileged to be able to say such, I know well, ” says the 39-year-old tv host, in parallel with developing ideas once in several other things.

She have the 130,000 followers on Instagram, and here is money and goods to be a known face. Among other things, Lisbeth Østergaard and her husband made a car available and have been appointed as ambassadors for the auto brands.

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It is also on Instagram she along with his good friend, ‘the Studio’-the host Mette Bluhme Rieck, have their talk-program ‘It’s just a phase’.

– the Program is the most just for fun, but it’s not how most good things start? To even think that it is funny. We are enjoying ourselves in the least with it, she says.

Additionally delivers Lisbeth Østergaard creative content for corporate social media and have individual tasks as master of ceremonies.

– I complaints certainly is not. It’s going fine, and I gave me mega much with the kids. At some point things change enough, so I really try to enjoy it as much as possible. Everything is a just a phase, she says.


the Dream is taken

When and if Lisbeth Østergaard returns to the tv screen, dreaming she is on, she must create programs with the right people.

There are certainly programs that are running now, as I woulden low, ” she says, and lifts the veil of a dream job.

– ‘a Farmer looking for love’ is my favorite application, but I’d like to stress that I do not ask me in the queue for it. It is Lene Beier’s program, and she is really good at it. But I love the program, because it is about ordinary people, says Lisbeth Østergaard.