do you think Netflix’ documentary ‘Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez’, committed the drabsdømte NFL star, committed suicide in 2017 as a consequence of his sexual preferences – and the problems it caused.

NOT because of the brain disorder, he already as a young football player had scored.

But it is bloody nonsense. Lies and latin. It is pure fiction, says Jose Baez, who was Hernandez’ defense attorney from the arrest in 2012 to suicide five years later.

Baez has even appeared in the documentary, but he may not recognize the portrait that is drawn of the now deceased killer.

he tells in clear terms on Instagram.

– I don’t give a shit what one or the other shitty documentary has to say about Aaron. I knew him, they did not, and though he certainly was not perfect, they are not in the vicinity of the truth. People have no clue about how documentaries are made, the truth is usually found on the floor of the klipperummet. These producers lied to me right up in my face, so I don’t expect much else from their money-project, he writes.

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I don’t give a damn about what some lame ass documentary has to say about Aaron. I knew him, they did not and while he was far from perfect, they are not even close to the truth. People have no idea how documentaries are made, the truth is usually found on the cutting room floor. These producers lied directly to my face, so I don’t expect their money making scheme to be much better. #ripchico #baezlawfirm #aaronhernandez

A lookup divided by the Baez Law Firm (@baezlawfirm) the

the Assertion that they lied to him in the face to do with the fact that he only starred, because Netflix promised not to interview certain persons about Hernandez’ sexuality.

It was an agreement, Netflix is not complied with.

It is unclear why Jose Baez wanted, and that certain persons were not interviewed.

Aaron Hernandez in the company of Jose Baez during the trial. Photo: Chris Christo/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

Aaron Hernandez committed suicide as a result of the complicated nature of the disease. Not his sexual orientation. It stresses the Jose Baez facing nyhedsmediet TMZ.

In the Netflix documentary the earlier school friend, Dennis SanSoucie, the interview, and this claims he had a sexual relationship with Hernandez, since they both were quite young. But SanSoucie is the only source in the documentary to the allegations of Hernandez’s alleged homosexuality.

Hernandez’ girlfriend, Shayanna Jenkins, can’t find head and tail in Dennis SanSoucies claims.

She has subsequently told to Dr. Phil on the tv station WJZ that she had spoken with her fiance a few days before he committed suicide.

I felt real, that we were moving in a positive direction. Our last talk had certainly not something with suicide to make, she explained.

– I had no feeling or idea that he was (gay, ed.). I know simply don’t know where it comes from, has she explained to CNN.

In the interview with Dr. Phil she adds that she asked Aaron Hernandez directly, and that this rejected.

José Baez was Hernandez’s lawyer, since the player in 2015, was convicted of the killing of the gossip Odin Lloyd in 2013, and Jose Baez was the attorney for Hernandez, since this half a year later was found dead in his cell in a prison in New England.

He came close to Aaron Hernandez for several years, and the production, Netflix has resorted to, is completely good night, believes Baez.

Shayanna Jenkins comforted by girlfriends, when Aaron Hernandez will be sentenced to life imprisonment for the killing of Odin Lloyd. Photo: Stephan Savoia/AP/Ritzau Scanpix

Aaron Hernandez was in 2013 arrested for having killed Odin Lloyd. He was a year and a half later sentenced to life in prison, where he was investigated for dobbeltdrabet of Daniel de Abreu and Safiro Furtado in 2012.

he was since acquitted of.

the Autopsy of Aaron Hernandez showed, moreover, an advanced form of CTE, chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a neurodegenerative disease often found in people who have had one or more violent sale in the head.

Typical symptoms are behavioural problems, mood swings and problems with thinking.

In Aaron Hernandez’ cell, where he was found, found a bible and several handwritten notes. There was among other things, a nod to his fiance and the couple’s daughter, Avielle.

No one in the family wanted to participate in the documentary.

Shavanna Jenkins, whose sister’s boyfriend was the very same Odin Lloyd, which Hernandez slew, explains, however, the television station Oxygen, why she chose to back his drabstiltalte girlfriend up and thus distance themselves from the family.

– this is The one you love, and you think of the future, and what should be done. I would not let him go through it alone. I decided to stand by his side all the way.

She was the only one who showed up to support Aaron Hernandez, as the other drabssag began.

Several critics wondering about the documentary, suffering from lack of documentation, reuse of sources from previous documentaries about the same topic as well, as Brian Lowry writes for CNN:

– The viewers get is a lot of salacious and contradictory details, which in no way leads us closer to understanding why.

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