A word is one word!

that’s How it has always been with Stig Tøfting. And it will be the case also, after the lawn mower Sunday in his column in the Ekstra Bladet said that he would go from Viby in Aarhus to Herning, if FC Midtjylland won in Brøndby. It did central jutland, and now he knows to be ready with the plans for the walk, which will stretch over three days.

– It is stuck completely, says Stig Tøfting with a wry smile.

The original plan was that Stig Tøfting had to be picked up by one of Martin Jørgensen’s buses. Here he would then go in the aisle back and forth in the bus between Aarhus and Herning.

– But now the bite in the sour apple and go the entire trip on the 80,3 km. But I can not go trip in one stretch, as the time can not hang together. Therefore, I divide the trip up over three days, he explains.

Stig Tøfting, when in august, he turned 50. Now he is ready to go the trip from Viby in Aarhus to Herning. Photo: Claus Bonnerup.

Stig Tøfting starts its trip on Thursday over dinner, when he leaves his home in Viby near Aarhus.

– I go to the 18-time Thursday, where I will be picked up by my girlfriend. Friday is the plan, I will run out to the place where I ended on Thursday. My goal on Friday is that I must reach for the Ikon, explains Stig Tøfting.

– The last 15 km. I will go on Sunday, where I start at. 13.00. It is then planned that I will enter directly into the tv studio at the MCH Arena on Sunday night, where I arrive before noon. 17.00.

– No one should be hurt by me. I have always been on target for what I have said. So of course I go the whole trip from Jerusalem to the MCH Arena in Herning. But I expect since Sunday, there comes a part and goes with the last 15 km, Stig Tøfting.

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