A retired, jysk policeman had yesterday a serious stain on the straffeattesten in the Court of Sønderborg.

The now 60-year-old man was sentenced to 14 days imprisonment for the sly and without the consent to have photographed his secret lover, a middle-aged woman, in her bed.

the Surveillance with a tiny spy camera was in the bedroom in a cottage at the Danish west coast. She had rented it of the now convicted man and his permanent girlfriend.

Two of the images were at a search found stored on his iPhone, but he was also found guilty of potentially having live-monitored the nothing anende woman for up to two weeks back in september of 2017.

The illegal monitoring took place by means of a mini-camera hidden in a usb wall charger with ‘night vision’ and wireless connection.

The now-convicted, 60-year-old man was in active service as a policeman, when he belurede his female lover and violated her modesty back in 2017.

the Policeman had secretly installed spionkameraet in a wall outlet next to the woman’s bed.

At the time he was still in active service. The man went on pension and was deleted by the politikredsens personaleliste.

the Judge and the two lay judges found in full agreement man guilty after the indictment of the unjust, illegal monitoring of a woman’s private dwelling residence and for indecent exposure.

the Man was not so much condemned for what he actually has seen, but to have installed the camera in another person’s bedroom without consent. It is crucial that beluringen happened in her bedroom, which is the most intimate space, ” says Lars Gomez.

The former cop argued in court Tuesday that he had set the camera up three weeks earlier, and that he never got it to work.

– I must be accidentally pressing a button. If I really wanted to record something racy, then I would have recorded something, there was raunchier, sounded the man’s explanation.

He maintains that he especially bought and installed the hidden camera because he – wrongly – thought there was a signal booster in the adapter, that could provide a better internet coverage.

the Policeman would also use it as a game-camera in order to seize the thieves in the act. He minded not his regular girlfriend on the setup of the hidden mini-camera.

The now convicted ekspolitimand and the female tenant in 2017 had to go through a year and a half, a sexual relationship behind his girlfriend’s back. They exchanged mischievous messenger messages, and she sent nude pictures of herself.

In court was that under the evidence presented pictures of her naked torso and abdomen, and the defender Jakob Buch-Jepsen described in his procedure, their relationship as characterised by cross-border sex’.

Ex-politimandens defender, Jakob Buch-Jepsen, argued in his procedure that the injured woman’s and his relationship was characterized by cross-border sex, and that it was a tacit agreement to the spy photography. The dismissed judges. Photo: Rasmus Flindt Pedersen

But the court rejected the defender’s contention, that it contained an unspoken consent to allow himself to photography with the spy camera.

in a small town gf explained as a witness in the case, that she thought the female tenant was a common friend. She had no suspicion that her partner since 2012 was betraying her.

the Pair went from each other, when the man was notified and the case rolled.

The injured woman is still obviously heavily influenced by what she sees as a small town breach of trust and gross violation of her. She has subsequently routinely consulted a psychotherapist and a psychologist.

The former police officer received on-the-spot judgment.

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