on Monday, 9. december was a policewoman from the Middle – and West zealand Police checks of trucks on the Køge Bay Motorway, and here stopped the police a Polish registered truck with a 48-year-old Polish man behind the wheel.

Apparently, everything was, as it should be, but the policeman was, however, skeptical of the man, why the officer initiated a major study of the driver and the truck.

And it proved to be a sensible idea.

The writing in the Middle – and West zealand Police in a press release.

the Man hid something in his knickers.

It turned out that the driver had used a magnet to fool the truck’s takograf, and that he had saved the magnet in the underbukserne, in order that the police should not find it, write politikredsen in the press release.

the Cars – 6. dec. 2019 – at. 16:43 the Police-hitter with funny posters about drink driving: – Good politihumor!

A takograf, or a tachograph is a precision instrument, which, according to the law should be on trucks and buses, and that detects the vehicle speed and driving and rest time. Takografen may, however, be manipulated by the use of a powerful magnet, so, for example, can see out, as if the driver has kept the rest, even if it has not been the case.

In this case it failed, the Polish driver to hide the magnet, and the police believe to be able to prove that the man has used the magnet, in a total of three times.

For the magnet-snyden got the Polish truck driver to a fine of 94.500 dollars and received a claim that he should be denied the right to drive a car and truck in Denmark. This, however, will be determined only by a hearing which is scheduled for February 2020.

the Driver acknowledged at her hearing all the circumstances, and the fine and costs were paid on the same day.

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