The outgoing Tivoli ceo Lars Liebst can probably get a ride in both the swings and the merry-go-rounds, when he stops the next year.

A review is Tivoli’s financial statements reveals that he can get up to a year’s salary out of the door.

‘agreed severance programmes for the executive board of up to 2 years for the adm. director,’ it sounds it in the accounts.

If it is calculated on the basis of the latest salary in 2018, it will mean that he can go out of the golden garden, with a check of 18.8 million dollars.

the Extra Leaf has asked The press officer, whether Lars Liebst has lived up to the requirements to get the full bonus.

But it think, apparently, not there right now is something to brag about in relation to fratrædeslesgodtgørelsen.

‘What of our outgoing director to get in the severance package will be reflected in next year’s annual report, which we reported on yesterday,’ writes Torben Plank, press officer, in an email.

‘Why will you not answer the question? You know well already, how big of a retirement benefit plan, he will be equipped with?’

‘the Information included as part of the financial statements for 2019; and we publish the first in march 2020.’

‘Purely factual will indicate whether fratrædelsesordningen is calculated on the basis of the full salary incl. Bonus and pension?’

‘We have the answer and the rest you have quite correctly found in the annual report,’ ending it.

on Monday it emerged that Lars Liebst after 24 in the president’s office stoppen next year, once his replacement is found.

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