The 41-year-old German woman Songül G. has been five years and nine months in jail for wanting to marry an IS-supporter.

Songül G., mother of three, planned not even a terrorist attack.

But it was proven in court that she was involved in the very specific plans of attack and had planned to get an ICE-warrior for Germany.

– You tried to bring terror to Germany, said the judge Petra Wende-Track two times for the accused woman in court Monday.

It writes among other things the German Zeit and Bild.

She is convicted for, among other things, have offered to marry a man with the aim of getting him to the country, so he could carry out an attack in Germany.

Her defender went after frifinde her.

the Wedding was planned through an intermediary, for the first time met with Songül G. in the north of Germany in 2015. Subsequently, they held in touch by chatting together.

In the first place was the plan, to Songül G. had to travel to Syria with her three children.

‘you Can continue to get child benefit in Germany?’, had the judged asked the middleman in an instant message in the end of 2015.

Songül G. explained even in court that she dreamed of a peaceful life in Syria, and that she would like out of Germany, since she believes Germany has a bad view on muslims. According to her, it would later be passed up for her, that she was the fat into a IS-propaganda.

Around the year 2016, told the middleman Songül G., that Syria had become too dangerous to travel to, but that she could support the Islamic State from Germany.

She should just marry with Syria-the warrior and get him into Germany.

Songül G. was arrested in december 2018, and has since been remanded in custody.

Only one in Hamburg has been given a harder punishment to be ICE-tilgænger. It was a man from Syria, who had experimented with explosives and planned to detonate a car bomb. He got six and a half years in prison.

Songül G. is the first woman in Hamburg, who has been accused of supporting the terrorist group Islamic State.

It was at the supreme court in Hamburg, Hanseatisches Oberlandesgericht, that she Monday received the judgment.