the COPENHAGEN city COURT (Ekstra Bladet): A 51-year-old man was on Tuesday sentenced for attempted manslaughter, since he earlier this year struck an axe several times in the head and on the body of a caretaker in the area of Østerbro in Copenhagen.

the Verdict came on the placing on the retspsykiatrisk department.

In the court drew a clear picture of the offender’s difficult upbringing with neglect and bullying. The offender was described as socially isolated.

The 51-year-old went berserk in the hallucinations one morning in march in a property, where he thought that he had seen the man who had allegedly raped him as a child.

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The 51-year-old suffering from delusions. Photo: Kenneth Meyer

Drabsforsøget happened 13. march of this year, approximately at 9.26. The 51-year-old called himself to the emergency after the attack.

– Hello? I am afraid that I have been trying to kill, told the now-convicted in the phone.

the Caretaker explained at the time that he knocked on the door of the 51-year-old to offer help, because he seemed mentally unstable.

The condemned came out with the ax in his hand and went to the attack on the caretaker, who tried to escape down the back stairs.

‘Pedophile’ and ‘bøssesvin’, cried the axeman, while he smote upon the mere caretaker of the property.

in Addition to the many øksehug got the injured several punched and kicks in the face and on the body.

the Officers followed the blodsporene from the farm up the stairs to the offender’s apartment, where he was immediately arrested.

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the Police searched the then the now offender’s apartment, where they found several weapons. Photo: Kenneth Meyer

the 51-year-olds apartment police found several notes hung around the apartment with the word ‘KILL’ on.

in addition to the notes police found the weapon, which was located in different places in the apartment. There was found knives, a sledge hammer and a lægtehammer around in the apartment. Behind sofapuderne was even a machete.

part of the attack was caught on the video surveillance.