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Some things are worth the wait. This also applies to the ninth film (plus the fix) in the ‘Star Wars’saga, which began way back in 1977 with the first film ‘A New Hope’ directed by George Lucas.

As the so really it was the fourth chapter in the story, but it all proved for Star Wars has long since grown from just being a series of films to be a part of the collective cultural consciousness.

It must really be a little strange for Lucas to see the end of the story, he even began 42 years ago – without even having something to say about how it all would end. Disney bought, as you know, the rights in 2012 and with the sale came the manuscript to three new movies.

Film, tv & radio – 24. aug. 2019 – at. 10:19 So is the here: See the brand new ‘Star Wars’trailer!

Those selected for the Disney, however, to scrap – probably because they continued in the same track, as the three episodes (I-III), Lucas himself wrote and directed in between 1999-2005, and as fell many fans of the chest. They were especially accused to be for the two lower-case. But revealed perhaps led and all, that Lucas – in spite of having created a great universe – not any particularly good instructor. His best film is actually ‘Last night with the clique’ from 1973.

instead, the rudder was passed on to J. J. Abrams (who also had pretty good luck with reviving ‘Star Trek’), which has stood for episode VII and IX, as well as Rian Johnson, with episode VIII by 2017 was one of the absolute best films in the series.

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in General one must say that the third of the three trilogies are the one who has held the highest bottom level, although it of course never be entirely the same as when you for the first time rushed out in a distant, distant galaxy long, long ago’. It can of course also hang together with the fact that I was 14 years old at the time and we had never seen anything like it.

How it all ends, must not be divulged here. Not just because I’ve written on not to say too much about the plot, but mainly because it should, you even have the chance to experience.

However, I can say so much, as to the evil Palpatine to move again, and that the resistance this time is not just up against the First Order, but against the Final Order! And to suggest that there actually is talk about the last episode in the story. But you know, of course, never.

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‘The Rise of Skywalker’ is immediately probably the weakest of the three recent films – which certainly does not mean that it is a bad movie, just that the other two were even better. And so the suffering of the also that it must have gathered all the threads – at from the first movie, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill and Harrison Ford dolls all up, dead or not – in a net tied bow, giving it a somewhat hurried character despite the two hours and 21 minutes of playing time.

Apart from a single case is the development of character is not something you use many seconds on here, as there constantly is yet another stupendous battle that must be fought.

But superbly staged it, and you go into the blockbusterens premise, served popcornunderholdning not much more spectacular than here. I miss a little the darkness and the weight from its predecessor ‘The Last Jedi’, but in essence, it is a worthy conclusion to one of the largest filmeventyr ever.

Medv.: Daisy Ridley, Adam Driver, Carrie Fisher, Mark Hamill metres.fl.