When Josephine Chavarria Wigan in 2017, the first time took the role of Tinka in TV2’s julekalender ‘Tinkas fairy tale’, she went in the seventh grade and could without much problems be away from school, while that was filmed.

But since the filming for the sequel ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’ was in the box, was Josephine Chavarria Wigan by finishing the ninth grade and was thus a much more critical place in its education.

We recorded from January to the end of april. I was back on the island of Bornholm, where I live to the daily, the 1. may, and already the 6. may I had to the first of my final, says Josephine Chavarria Carrickfergus.

the 16-year-old Josephine Chavarria Højbjerg plays Tinka in TV 2’s julekalender. Photo: Ida Guldbæk Arentsen/Ritzau Scanpix

Therefore there was much pressure for the actress, who at the time was current with the film ‘the Hacker’, where she played a major role.

– I had it that it had to go, as it did for the exams. Fortunately it went really well, but in the months when we recorded, it was so demanding that I could not open a book, she says.

this is The second time, to Josephine Chavarria Wigan player Tinka. Photo: TV 2
– during the week I recorded the advent calendar, and in the weekends I was around throughout the country to present ‘the Hacker’, which had its premiere, so there was no time to do some schoolwork while. But there was, thankfully, not something to be nervous about, she says.

She had completed her primary school with fine grades and, in august, the budding actress start in high school.

– It is very different than elementary school. People are older, there are several requirements and a lot of homework, she says.

In the period between the two julekalendere have Josephine Chavarria Wigan in addition to the role in the film ‘the Hacker’ also appeared in the YouTube series ‘the First time’.

It is the spectacle that draws the most, and therefore, she is also ready to say good-bye to high school, again at the expense of the budding career.

– of Course, it is good to have something to fall back on. But if I got offered some big production, so I would not say no. And if I couldn’t get off from school, so I will not deny that I could find to drop out. It is the spectacle, I will, she says.

she is backing to from home.

– My mother supports me. I have the game plays, since I was little, and she knows how much I love it, she says.

‘Tinka and Kongespillet be sent on TV2 every night at 20.00.