Every night at 20: 00 on TV2 tones Albert Harson up on the screen, when he plays the boy Lasse in advance ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’.

While Lasse in advance is a bit of a troublemaker, and has been sent home from his boarding school after a fight, sees the 17-year-old albert’s private life part different in reality.

Good enough, he has just been at school, but he is however very serious and targeted in relation to his schooling. His dream is to get into one of Denmark’s skuespillerskoler, but it is certainly not easy since one must through an entrance examination, where only 20 out of 800 applicants come in each year.

– It is not certain that I do it better than the other, though I have participated in julekalenderne. So I need to practice and prepare myself as much as I can, tell Albert to TV2.

Tinka and Lasse have a close friendship in the society. Photo: Per Arnesen/TV2

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– I have become more serious and do really everything to be as good as possible on the recordings, ” continues Albert, who has been his own biggest critiques.

– When I look at myself on tv, I find small places where I think I could do better, he explains to TV2 and adds, that he was often asked to get the footage for during the ‘Tinka and Kongespillet’, because he was not satisfied with his play.

Albert acknowledges, moreover, that he can feel, he has become older in the last two years, as he in ‘Tinkas christmas carol’ in 2017 was not self-critical in the same way. At that time he understood not, how important it was to get well-prepared when you participate in an advent calendar.

the 17-year-old Albert makes on the other hand now all to do their best, so hope he can fulfil his dream of educating themselves to the actor.

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