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Though several individuals have been reported to the police in case of possible fraud in the Defense, and that the company Søndergaard Els longtime accountant and partner at revisionsvirksomheden BDO the other day got a fyreseddel, have you at Søndergaard El been well satisfied with the auditor’s services.

It is similar Søndergaard Els director and owner Brian Søndergaard in an email to:

‘the Reason that our auditor is fired, I have not been able to ascertain. We have been fully satisfied with our accountant, but as a electrician I can not figure out whether the auditor should have advised me differently compared to our trade with the defence’.

the business news – 13. dec. 2019 – at. 10:47 Whistleblower: an Employee used 525.948 dollars on five months

the Auditor was fired a few days after Karsten Ravnsgaard, former chief financial officer at Søndergaard El, stood forth, and told him that he had warned the auditor that the way the company did business with the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse was completely mad.

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the Auditor did not respond, and it had consequences.

‘An internal investigation has shown, that one of our auditors, the beginning of 2019, received a call from a whistleblower regarding the evidence on the alleged irregularities in the case. The auditor was not for this information.

‘On the background, we have terminated the cooperation with the employee concerned with immediate effect’, wrote BDO’s managing director in Denmark, Stig Holst Hartwig, in an email to TV 2 9. december.

BDO has not wanted to comment on the matter further to Ekstra Bladet.

the Danish policy – 6. dec. 2019 – at. 17:22 Charges: Svindlede to the extension guide

Of Søndergaard Els accounts, it appears that elfirmaet have used the statutory auditor since 2012 – the last accounts, which is available electronically from the CVR-register.

the Case began in earnest to roll, as the public accounts committee 6. december expressed sharp criticism of the defense department’s Ejendomsstyrelse for a extremely incomplete control of the procurement.

The lack of control meant, according to the public accounts committee as a high-risk that mistakes, fraud and crimes against property’.

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In the case of the Søndergaard El is at least two persons have been reported to the police, while in a second case also deals with the department of defense Ejendomsstyrelse, indicted five people for breach of mandate, fraud and bribery.

the Latter case, the police have investigated since 2016.