the 37-year-old Tina Common bog-myrtle, five years ago, was divorced, and suddenly stood alone with four children without their own income, it was christmas eve close to crumble between his hands on her.

the economy was so threadbare, that the gifts and christmas dinner was out of reach.

But as she sought for advice from some friends Danish people’s aid on a christmas package. And she met the criteria to get a leg up.

I had not predicted that I was divorced. Then suddenly, there was a salary away and I stood there with four children, who were also affected by the divorce.

– So I searched julehjælp, for I could not get it to hang together, says Tina Common bog-myrtle for Extra Magazine.

Julehjælp – 3. dec. 2019 – at. 20:58 Has 60 kr. food per day: Single mother looking for julehjælp

Then her children 12, 11, 10 and four years old, and they expected a christmas on an equal footing with other children. Therefore, Tina had Common bog-myrtle no problems to seek help.

– It is never fun to seek help, for you will want to be strong. But I am deeply grateful that it exists, for we got the a christmas like any other.

– And the children did not matter that we had no money. They thought it was cool that I had gotten julehjælp, for it did we not hide.

– We didn’t think it was embarrassing. We said it frankly that it was there, we stood. So it was, says Tina.

Since the divorce, she took a hf and trained later to nurse. Today she met a new man, and the economy hangs together, so she no longer need to seek help. Today she is so very over the top, she instead helps others in similar situation.

– Last christmas there was a woman who lacked help. Then I looked at my husband, and so we helped her, ” says Tina.

She is also among the volunteers who help the Danish people’s aid with to share the christmas packages out. For she believes, to help in a difficult time can have far-reaching consequences.

– You get the a belief that there is someone who will a good. And it gave me courage in life again, says Tina Common bog-myrtle, living in Brovst in northern Jutland.

For many, it might be somewhat of a overcoming to ask others for help, when one encounters a headwind.

But according to Tina Common bog-myrtle, you should not feel shame at hand, when the economy kuldsejler.

– If you really need it, seek help. The worst that can happen is that you get a no. It may well be, it exceeds a limit, but you would do it, if not you needed it? It is of course too proud to. So if you feel the need to, you must do it, she rolls fast.

She believes that one should bite any shame in itself – especially when you have children who like to have a christmas like everyone else.

– I would encourage people in the situation to seek help. It may well be, it is hard to search, but do it for God’s sake.

Tina Fælled Porses case meant the help that she got a package with everything for a traditional christmas dinner, just like her children, who today are 18, 17, 16 and nine years old, each received a package.

12. years brings together Danish people’s aid and the Additional Leaf to the single forsørgeres christmas eve. More than 14,000 have been seeking for years.

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