the Statue of fodboldikonet Zlatan Ibrahimovic in Malmö, sweden, has once again been vandalized.

This time there’s been sawn in the statue’s leg, and it is in danger of tipping over, say Swedish police according to news agency TT.

this is The third time in the short time that has been committed vandalism against Zlatan statue.

the Message about the vandalism came a little after the bell 2.30 on the night of Thursday, and police currently have no suspects in the case.

– It has been subjected to damage in the course of the night. You have sawn the legs. Now is put a blockade up around the statue, as there is a risk that it may fall over, says Tommy Bengtsson from the police in Malmö, according to TT.

at the same time, another statue set up in the Swedish city. It is to the glory of Malmö FF captain Markus Rosenberg, who Tuesday night plays his last match in his career.

the Statue depicts a pair of soccer boots and has the text “Markus Rosenberg, 1987-2003, 2005, 2014-2019” engraved as a sign of the year, the now 37-year-old profile has played in the club.

rosenberg’s last fight in his career will be on Danish soil, when he, with Malmö FF guests Park and meet FC Copenhagen in a crucial battle on the advancement from the Europa League group stage.

the Statue of ibrahimovic was raised in Malmö, sweden 8. October of this year. Bronze sculpture is 3.5 meters high and weighs 500 kilos.

Vandaliseringen of the statue began when the superstar at the end of november bought into at the Stockholm rival Hammarby IF, where he now owns a quarter of the shares.

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How to see the foot now. Photo: Johan Nilsson/Ritzau Scanpix

the Same day there were hung a toilet seat up at the statue, and the day after was who committed vandalism against the Ibrahimovics house in Stockholm.

Here was cast surströmming – a Swedish specialty consisting of fermented herring, which are known to be smelly – out the front door. There was also written “Judas” with spray paint.

In the beginning of december, got the statue as a trip, since red paint was painted over the shorts in the gold-colored statue, and there on its pedestal was spraymalet “Judas”.

At the time of purchase of the shares in Hammarby IF said Ibrahimovic, that he was sure that Malmö fans would not react negatively to, that he had bought in from a rival, but it came nowhere near to hold the connector.

In the past season was Malmö FF number two in the best Swedish league ahead of Hammarby in third place. Djurgården became the champion.

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